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BLOG POST: As France Has Done to Israel

It does appear that Europe has reached the point of no return with God. The European nations are in complete rebellion and are unified in dividing Israel and Jerusalem. They want a Palestinian state in spite of the Bible states. These states also promote homosexuality and abortion. I am convinced that is using Islam as a “rod of judgment” against the Europeans.

Philadelphia: Be not Deceived God is not Mocked

Although this is happening around the nation, it seems that Philadelphia is the very epicenter of this violence. Just last October, the mayor announced that he wanted Philadelphia to become the “homosexual capital of the world”! This coincides with the violence that is now erupting in that city.

As Obama Has Done to Israel

Obama humiliated Netanyahu on September 27, when he refused to meet with the Prime Minister after his United Nations speech. Exactly seven days later, Obama was humiliated before the entire world. What Obama did to Netanyahu came back on him 10 fold as he was humiliated during the debate with Romney. It appears that God is going to remove Obama and the root cause will be his dealing with Israel.