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Poll: Almost One Quarter of British ‘Unwilling’ to Have a Jew in the Family

Now we know why Europe is under God’s terrible judgment. The dreaded European hatred of the Jews is back. This is why the EU is always against Israel. This is why the Muslims are pouring into Europe, and its culture is being destroyed. This is why the Europeans are willfully coming under Sharia law, because they hate the Lord and his word and the Jews: therefore, all these curses are falling upon Europe.

Islamic Caliphate Forming With Attack on US Embassies

What is so shocking about this is how soon it happened. Morsi was just installed as president of Egypt in late June. He just gained control of the army and now this attack! The Muslim Brotherhood is energized and ready to advance the Islamic caliphate. There is no turning back as the Muslims are bringing the war to us. Their target is Israel and taking Jerusalem. They want Jerusalem as the capital of their caliphate. This is the Psalm 83/Obadiah war that I warned was coming. I


A federal jury in Vermont convicted Pastor Kenneth Miller of helping a mother Lisa Miller (no relation) and daughter escape the country. They escaped because the mother was a lesbian, who converted to the Lord Jesus, and renounced her lesbian lifestyle. Her former partner wanted joint custody of the child, which the real mother refused.

Daily Digest April 16, 2012: Hard Left, Israel, Disasters, Correlations

The powerful undersea earthquake off the Indonesian island of Sumatra this week was a once in 2,000 years event … it increases the risks of a killer quake in the region, Wednesday’s 8.6 magnitude quake and a powerful aftershock were “strike-slip” quakes and the largest of that type recorded,