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Hurricanes OBAMA and the Election

God also has used these two hurricanes to alter history and re elect Obama as president. I am convinced of it, as I studied what happened. They way the LORD did it is simply mind-numbing. Hurricane Isaac hit during the Republican Convention and altered the proceedings. It sent confusion, which resulted in no bounce for Romney. Romney caught up with Obama at the first debate. I did not follow the convention and had no idea of this confusion. This hurricane gave Obama a great political advantage; thus it should be called Hurricane Obama.

The Spiritual Roots of Hurricane Sandy.

Since June, when Obama proclaimed the month as homosexual/Gay Pride month, America has been hit by everything but a massive earthquake. That month had record heat, record drought, record fires in the West. This led to record crop loss. Then an inland hurricane called a derecho, hit from Chicago to Washington, DC. Hurricane Isaac hit New Orleans during Southern Decadence and now Hurricane Sandy hit New York six-days after the state highest court sealed homosexual “marriage”. The nation is paying an incredible price making sin an ordinance. This is not the end but the beginning unless the church acts to repent and cry out for an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit. There is not much time left. America has turned its back on God and is now offending His holiness.

Dumpster Diving in New York City

It is painful to watch the news about the catastrophic damage in the New York City area. I see no coming back. The federal government, New York State and City are broke. Many have lost their jobs and everything. This could accelerate the downward economic spiral in these states. There are going to be maybe 100, 000 or more refugees. There could be anarchy resulting form this. Watch the Hard Left try and capitalize on it, if Romney wins.

Homosexuality and God’s Judgment on America

Homosexuality and God’s Judgment on America

t was wonderful to interact with all the homosexuals and their supporters. Of course, there were the vile posts, but it was well worth it to be able to communicate with so many homosexuals that I would never have been able to.What happened was the Huffington Post picked up a blog post of me warning that Hurricane Sandy was hitting because of homosexual “marriage” in New York state and Obama campaigning for it. I will post all this again in a final version. Huffington’s post went viral and dozens of homosexual websites and blogs ran the story about me! What was so wonderful about this, I was actually quoted accurately! It even was front page in Israel news and the London news services. God put me right into the battle against the Hard Left, and I had nothing to do with it.

Hurricane Sandy and the Perfect Storm

Hurricane Sandy and the Perfect Storm

What I want all the homosexuals and their supporters to understand is that America is under judgment for more than making homosexuality an ordinance. America is also under judgment for pressuring Israel to divide the land and Jerusalem which is forbidden in the Bible. The judgments for touching Israel start on October 30, 1991.

When God Judges a Nation For Homosexuality

I want to thank all the homosexuals and their supports who contacted me with their opinions of my post about Hurricane Sandy and Obama campaigning for Homosexual “Marriage”. I want to clear something up. I am not saying this super destructive hurricane was because of the homosexual act. The Holy God of Israel will judge individuals for their sinful acts. What I am saying is the judgment is for the government promoting homosexual “marriage” as an ordinance.

Hurricane Sandy and the Election

This monster storm aimed at America and ready to inflict severe damage during election week is not a coincidence. Hurricane Sandy may flood Washington, DC on election day! It is like the hurricane is a huge bucket of vomit in America’s face during the election. What a sign from the holy God of Israel that American politics is an abomination to Him. A pro-homosexual Mormon and a pro-abortion/homosexual, Muslim Brotherhood promoter, Hard Left Fascist are running for president, and there is no cry of repentance from God’s people! I see this storm as a warning from the LORD to call His church to repentance,