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Urgent: Warning of Possible War

As I have reported, the world political situation is very similar to the way it was just prior to WW1. Any event could have triggered the war, and now any event could trigger the all-out Middle East war that will turn into a world war. An Israeli tour bus was just blown up in Bulgaria with five dead, 33 wounded and nine missing. Most of the dead and injured were teenagers.

Daily Digest: Rise of the Hard Left Red Dragon

“It views the confrontation in Syria as critical to the reshaping of the Middle East and to its own role in the region as the party that leads and will continue to lead—even if Assad ultimately falls—the resistance to the Western presence and to Israel’s continued existence. Iran is well aware that its backing for Assad will further widen the rift, which in any case is unbridgeable, between it and the Sunni Gulf States with Saudi Arabia at the forefront, and also between it and Turkey now that the brief golden age between these two countries, in the aftermath of the Marmara flotilla to Gaza, has ended.”

Daily Digest: Romney, Israel and the Middle East War, Floods,Famines,Fires,etc.

The governments of Japan and the US have lied from the start and the main media will not report on this. The big concern is that a powerful earthquake in the area will crack the water pool cooling the reactor rods. The water will leak out and the rods will over heat causing an explosion. This will spew highly radio active cesium-137 into the air and the winds will take it to America.