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BLOG POST: The Coming Shiite – Sunni Islamic War

Iran is now getting very aggressive in the Middle East as this nation seeks to fill the vacuum left by the US. Iran sees this as the time to move. Iran is trying to take over Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Once its power is consolidated it can move against Saudi Arabia and Israel. The motivation for this is the coming of the Shiite Mahdi, their world conqueror.

God’s Final Warning to California/America

Right now California is under the worst drought in 500 years. The rains have stopped, starting in December 2012. God is now directly dealing with the sin and rebellion of the state and America. As the drought destroys California, it will bring judgment on America’s food supply.

America: The Kingdom which cannot stand

After starting this pressure on Israel, both Obama and Kerry were internationally humiliated by both Russia and Syria. They looked so weak and confused on the world stage. This was part of God’s judgment on them for tampering with His covenant land. Now, on the domestic front, America is heading for a political crisis that could spill over to the economy and social unrest.

When God Judges a Nation For Homosexuality

I want to thank all the homosexuals and their supports who contacted me with their opinions of my post about Hurricane Sandy and Obama campaigning for Homosexual “Marriage”. I want to clear something up. I am not saying this super destructive hurricane was because of the homosexual act. The Holy God of Israel will judge individuals for their sinful acts. What I am saying is the judgment is for the government promoting homosexual “marriage” as an ordinance.