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Sharia Creeps in Canada as House of Commons Passes Islamic Blasphemy Motion

Because Canada is our neighbor, what happens there can have ramifications in America. We share a very long border, and if Canada is going down like Europe, it would be easy for terrorists to enter America.
I can see a day, very soon, when Godly Canadians may have to flee to America to get away from oppression. The Hard Left are in control in Canada, maybe worse than in America. They will destroy Canada.
Would it be a fair trade, since President Trump likes great deals, for all of the Christians in Canada to come to America, with us giving them 10 Muslims in exchange for each? This way everyone is happy.

Trial Set for Second Man Accused of Helping Ex-Lesbian Flee Country With Daughter

This is an important case because it shows how far the legal system, in the grip of the Hard Left, is willing to go to enforce homosexual ‘rights’ – even in cases where the welfare of children is as stake. After having her civil union dissolved and returning to faith in Christ, Lisa Miller was ordered to give her former ‘partner,’ Janet Jenkins, visitation with Miller’s child Isabella. At first she did so, but after the child began reporting troubling events at Jenkins’ home and began to plead not to return, Miller did the only thing she could to protect her child. She fled, first to Canada and then to Nicaragua, where they’ve been sheltered by Mennonite missionaries.
For assisting her, Mennonite Pastor Kenneth Miller (no relation) was charged with aiding and abetting in international kidnapping and currently is serving 27 months in federal prison. Now a second man, businessman Philip Zodhiates is also set to go on trial for the same crime, helping Lisa and her child flee the country. Please pray for these courageous men who were willing to stand up to help protect this woman and her child – and pray for Lisa and Isabella Miller as well.

Woman freed of lesbianism had to flee America

There is a very important federal case from Vermont which I go into detail about below. What is so interesting about this case, and is totally under the radar, is that Lisa Miller, the key to the case was freed of lesbianism by the gospel of Jesus Christ.


A federal jury in Vermont convicted Pastor Kenneth Miller of helping a mother Lisa Miller (no relation) and daughter escape the country. They escaped because the mother was a lesbian, who converted to the Lord Jesus, and renounced her lesbian lifestyle. Her former partner wanted joint custody of the child, which the real mother refused.