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Trump: No Time to Be Politically Correct on Islam

A vast section of Americans are now coalescing against the corrupt federal government. They fully see through all the lies, and we are now looking at a revolution. The American political landscape that we grew up with is now crashing and will be replaced. The establishment is not going to go down easily, so you must expect a rough road ahead with possible violence and bloodshed.

Evil is now being poured out on the earth as it was in the late 1930s

Evil is now being poured out on the earth was it was in the late 1930s. Massive wars are on the way along with killing that is beyond what happened in WW2. I do not know how long before the coming of the Lord Jesus is for His bride, but if it is not soon, we will see massive destruction on earth. What awaits this world is “A&A”: antichrist and Armageddon.