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Reality check: gender diversity is driven by a top-down ideological movement

I’ve posted just two articles because they are very important and they should be read completely. The first article gives an excellent analysis of where the Hard Left ideology is heading – right toward us at full speed. All the warning signs are blaring that the church is in great danger, just as in 1934 the Jews were in great danger in Germany. Does the church care anymore about anything? Do we care about our freedoms, our churches, our families? Are we overcome with fear of man to act? Have we lost the fear of God and his holiness?
What is it going to take, if anything, to have the church rise up in prayer, crying out to God?

URGENT! Harvard Says Treat Conservative Christians Like Nazi War Criminals

This should be a wake-up call to the Church. When those of the Hard Left are in positions of power and influence, and they begin to demand that the government treat conservative Christians like Nazi war criminals, it’s apparent that there is more than a “culture war” occurring. This is a REAL spiritual war and the Church plays along or ignores this at its peril.
We’ve been warning for a long time that this is coming. Because it’s a spiritual problem, why isn’t the Church pulling together, getting on its collective face before God in repentance and crying out for a move of God’s Spirit? Yet most seem more interested in getting by day-to-day rather than addressing the deep spiritual problems and getting their own hearts right, so they can be salt and light in the culture. That was the same reaction the Jews had in Nazi Germany before the Holocaust, that it would blow over. Will we be equally blind and suffer the same fate?
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