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New 666 Surveillance System Post: Life in the Electronic Concentration Camp

Life in the 666 Surveillance System is rapidly closing in on us and yet, most people seem unaware of it. We’re being watched through CCTV cameras; our emails and phone calls are being monitored and saved; our financial records are being reviewed and shared, and in short, everything we do is being tracked. Is there any way to escape from this man/mousetrap they’re setting for us? Not in this world, anyway. This is the 666 System materializing right in front of our eyes.

Debater At Harvard Says White People Should Kill Themselves Because Of Their White Privilege

I posted several good article about the Hard Left as their advance to takeover America continues. The clash between the reprobate mind and reality is not far off. These are very angry people, who hate God with a loathing and everyone that stands with Him. With this years political climate, the clash of civilization could start this year.

UDC online: Major Advance in the 666 Surveillance System

God has warned in the Bible where this system is heading. The 666 Surveillance System is now on the fast track. There is no stopping it. Are you going to be with Jesus Christ and eternal life, or are you going to take the “666 Mark” and be eternally damned? The stakes could not be higher: eternal life or eternal damnation.