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Abba Father’s International Fellowship

The ministry is growing so fast through the Prophecy Packet and it’s spreading all over the world. I barely can keep up with it, so what I did was to start a new website and blog called Abba Father’s International Fellowship. We’ll be posting weekly on this site, so you can see the scope of what the Lord is doing through this ministry. I suggest that you go to this site and browse through it.
I’ve also added a prayer covenant which you can join. We have thousands of people now praying daily and fasting once a week for a world-wide outpouring of the Holy Spirit before Jesus comes for us: see Prayer Covenant. You can join us in the prayer.

Some OTC Meds Shrink the Brain

I felt that this was so important that I needed to get this right out to you. If you take this type of medicine STOP immediately because it damages your brain! The modern “Babylonian” medical system thinks nothing of this and many other of their drugs, which are destroying the health of so many who trust them!