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Science BLOG: 666 System UPDATE

Latest update of the 666 Surveillance System blog posting. Lots of great information to keep you on the cutting edge of high technology and how it is leading to the 666 Surveillance System. This is the lead article: DARPA Brain Chips to Implant False Memory: Mind Control Redux?

The 666 Surveillance System Update

NSA abuses accurately predicted in 1967 Hollywood Film. The film is titled “The President’s Analyst”. I believe that movies are showing what is coming over the world. There are two ways to look at this. Satan is conditioning the people to accept what is coming or through the movies, God is warning what is coming.

The Prophecy Packet

I am offering The Last Trumpet, a prophetic newspaper, written 33 years ago with my tract The 666 Surveillance System. The combination of the two are a powerful witnessing tool for the hour in which we live and the soon Second Coming of Jesus Christ.