Take Down Boy Scouts Like Rabid Dog With Figurative 'Shotgun'

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  1. If atheism is so reasonable, why are they afraid and offended by a God they do not believe in? Sounds a bit irrational to me.

    All belief systems, including atheism, require faith to be placed somewhere. As such, they become idols when they rise against the Word of GOD. Our problem is that we are in a pluralistic, materialistic, and relativistic society which is clearly in the process of casting the word of GOD aside. In essence, the Post-modern culture is saying that there is no clear, ultimate truth and every culture and religion seems to have portions of truth. The problem is that there is a solid truth that cannot be altered, changed, nor broken. It was clearly defined by Jesus who, by His life, death, and resurrection, has proven Himself to be the authority. His miracles, ministry, and life are clearly indicators of His qualifications. Even His contemporary critics had to work hard to explain away His power, but their attempts only made it evident that He is who He claimed to be–God our Savior.

    In a relativistic society, then, our opinions that clearly deny the word of God become our idols. We make our opinions, or the opinions of others, more important than the revelation that God gives. Just a reminder, Truth is true even if no one believes it, and a lie is a lie even if everyone believes it! This means that they are choosing to place their faith in their own opinions and theories while discrediting and discounting God and His word. Men place faith somewhere, for instance, Dawkins places His faith squarely in Darwinistic evolution all the while maligning the Lord. Man is by nature a creature of faith. We trust our opinions, our ideas, or those of someone else. Why not trust the Word of God that lasts forever and has infallible evident proofs like an empty grave, a 100 percent accuracy at prophecy, historically validated evidence, and more. Not to mention the thousands of changed lives of those who wholeheartedly gave themselves to Christ and the word.

    Blessings John! Great work as usual

  2. I don’t get this. I thought axes were good survival tools cause most knives and tomahawks are too small for gathering wood and other things but not for severing heads. That was a bad thing to say, but then again to say that you want to take the Boy Scouts of whom there are several hundred thousand and shoot them behind a barn with a shotgun seems to be worse than what Raub said. I guess it is Raub’s training as a Marine that made what he said seem worse. All I know is that Jesus paid the price for anyone’s sin and that prayer to God in his name is the best thing to use to bring change when things seem hopeless.

    praying that people find the peace they are looking for in Jesus the King Messiah,

  3. Melany says:

    Things are changing very quickly. These news postings are not for the faint of heart, but they are urgent indicators that good is being called evil, and evil is being called good. The article by James Hamblin was particulary chilling regarding his radical hatred of the Boy Scouts of America. Thank you so much for posting this, John. We are a scouting family here and had not seen this. As much as it makes me ill, we have to be aware of these hateful, dangerous comments. It is getting very difficult to live in this world. My hope is in God.

  4. dt says:

    This email makes me want to PUKE!
    Put two magnets at opposite poles and this is what you get.
    They repel each other. Darkness hates the light, all gray area is gone. (stability)

    Our society has become perverse and we will pay the price.
    Military condones sex with animals? What would you expect from an opposite pole?

  5. Thank you for keeping us informed John – NDAA is serious that Obama put in place 12/31/11 while everyone else was celebrating New Years Eve.

    Is Louis Farrakhan the CNN person?

  6. cass says:

    The next thing I’m waiting for is the taking of “in god we trust” off paper money because some Muslim is offended. Funny thing though if a Muslim offends me no one cares.

  7. Donna says:

    If anyone is having difficulty accessing last night’s prayer meeting. I was able to get it at ITunes. Thanks so much, prayer team for your leadership and dedication.

  8. Ann says:

    Brother John
    Thank you for all the work you do in keeping us informed on what is happening around us. I don’t watch the secular news, no TV to speak of, and the only news site I read that is secular is the Drudge report and actually while they are better then Fox I see a slipping away from the truth and a lot of things are being left out…ie the story about the Boy Scouts. Who would have know about that if they didn’t read this blog? And we have to know about these things. We can’t stick our head in the sand and just sit and hope for the rapture….which I do hope comes soon and know that Jesus is our only hope. But we have to ‘occupy’ until that blessed day.

    My heart is sad and sick over the things that you have posted. Persecution of the true church is right around the corner in this country. I feel it in my spirit.

    There is a darkness that has come upon this land, especially in the last couple of years, and in the last couple of months it seems have gotten stronger. Things are not right.

    We are an agriculture family living in one of the drought stricken areas. We see first hand the ground and the animals crying for relief just like it says in the Word. We see dried up pasture and poor thin cattle everyday. And there is no end in sight. We are in the second year of this drought. We were blessed with an inch and a half last week and that is the most we have had in two years.
    Thank you for all the reporting you have done on this drought. You are about the only one that even mentions it. People need to know what is going on here in the states that are so hard hit. There are ranches that have no cattle on them. Many herds have been to slaughter in the last two years. With the drought in the midwest the prices of corn/soybeans will make the price of feed beyond many ranchers grasp and the market may be glutted again with cattle. Not to mention nearly everything we eat has some form of corn.

    We that live out in the rual areas are seeing what may be a shortage of food in this country…the USA. Did anyone ever think that could happen? I sure never did. So please pay attention that what is going on around you. Brother John has been telling you to prepare as the Lord leads. Spend much time in prayer asking Him what you need to do. The hour is late.

    Come quickly Lord Jesus.


  9. Thank you for your sound teaching and concern for freedom in America. I first heard you on “Living Faith” tv out of Abindon, VA. Your radio broadcasts via the internet are also very uplifting and informative. Sometimes, it is impossible to pull up certain pages or hear the broadcasts. I wonder if they are purposely blocked by someone.
    God bless you.

  10. Dan .w says:

    All crimes are hate crimes..However,note that its o.k.to hate God,His Christ,and all who love Him?Why do we let the reprobate define the terms,or discussion?God’s Word stands.It alone is the final authority.I remember when gay meant happy..but we let the perverts steal a good word and trample it.Diversity used to be just something else,not something repulsive,inclusive was not a buzz word for let anything go.We have fallen so far,so quick that it boggles the thinking mind.Our presidential choices are between sodom and gommorrah.The left and the reprobate God haters can encircle us all they want….just remember…they are sinners in the hands of an angry God…and how thin that web is….Jesus never dissapoints any who love Him..He is slow to anger,and rich in mercy..but time is running out.Are you lost?Come the the only one who paid all your sin debt,past,present and future.He waits…to forgive you completely.

  11. John and bretheren, there is a question that has been bothering me recently, and I want to throw it out to you all . Obviously, things are getting darker and darker in this world. John, I think you know what kind of a position I hold, and I know I see far more than most of the people here because of that(not because of any super spiritual knowledge or anything like that…only from what I do for a living); with that being said, and with all the warnings of stocking up on supplies, I wonder this one thing. How many of us would willingly let any of our loved ones (or ourselves for that matter) be harmed or killed by anyone in power, if we had the ways and means to stop it? Virtually every person who comes on this and many other similar blogs like this believe in the Rapture, and believe that many others will be martyered (they are NOW) before the Lord comes back. I know I do. My poiont( and I will be completely blunt and straightforward here) is this…how many of you are willing to kill if you have to before He comes back if it means saving you or your loved ones from a torturous death by whatever means? Do you really think that is easy? Really? Don’t get me wrong…I am not getting ready for some kind of carnage(if anyone is monitoring this site as I think they may be) but really…are we all ready to be martyred without a fight, or is everyone ready to go “softly into that goodnight”? Personally, I wouldn’t want to face the Lord knowing I let my wife and daughter be horribly killed if I had even 1 chance to stop it. I honestly believe this is the path this world( much less this “God-fearing country”) is headed on. I am not speaking in allegories…I am looking at what I perceive to be reality. Anyone got anything?

  12. Cynthia says:

    This incident with Brandon Raub happened in my hometown, I was stunned. I met lastnight with a group of his friends and also people who have never met him but want to support him and speak out. According to police he has not been charged with anything, was not arrested (only took away in handcuffs for resisting to be taken for mental evaluation), and his home has never been searched. If he was deemed to be a threat wouldn’t you think his home would have been searched for weapons or evidence? He has since been transferred to a psych ward at a VA hospital in Salem, Virginia 3-4 hours from his home even though there is a VA hospital 45 minutes from where he lives. He can be held for another 30 days. I guess the next question is can they forcibly drug him? This is a tragedy. He is a highly decorated Marine who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan wars. His friends say he is not remotely insane or crazy. When you can be forcibly taken from your home, with no charges filed to have a mental evaluation we are living in very dangerous times and no doubt they have “specific” targets.

  13. Donna says:

    thanks so much for Tuesday night prayer. It is a

  14. Cynthia says:

    UPDATE on Brandon Raub, a judge has ordered him released, VERY disturbing how they took him into custody without any basis as stated by the judge:

    HOPEWELL, Va. —
    A judge today ordered the release of a Marine Corps veteran being detained as a psychiatric patient after concerns over his Facebook postings.

    After an hourlong hearing, Circuit Judge W. Allan Sharrett said an involuntary commitment petition issued against Brandon J. Raub was invalid because it contained no allegation or basis to holding him.

    “The petition is so devoid of any factual allegations that it could not be reasonably expected to give rise to a case or controversy,” said the release order signed by the judge and sought by lawyers Anthony F. Troy and Brian D. Fowler.

    Sharrett said that he was shocked by the failure of a magistrate to not include in the order any grounds for holding Raub, a Chesterfield resident who was transferred from John Randolph Hospital in Hopewell to the Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center:


  15. Cynthia says:

    And ANOTHER Army combat veteran (and Christian) in Ohio who was just raided this evening for the same reasons Brandon Raub was arrested. There were no criminal charges, no suspicions of criminal activity charge, and he was notarrested but all of his firearms were confiscated and he has been given a notice to appear before a judge. He is a Purple Heart recipient, no criminal background, no issues with prior VA psych evals:


  16. Cynthia says:

    Psychiatry as a weapon to silence religious and political opposition:


  17. G.S.CRISP says:

    Dr John and article posted in the Times of Israel stated the Republican Party have put in the platform for the Tampa Convention the Two State Issue in Israel I find it interesting here comes Issac which you know means laughter headed for Tampa Psalm 2 the Lord will LAUGH at them &He will SET His King (Jesus) on His Holy Mount Zion

  18. Keith O. says:

    Hello everyone! It occurred to me that I should post this website http://www.blueletterbible.org/index.cfm as it is very helpful in studying the Word of God. I especially like the word search concordance-it’s fast and it’s free.
    Back to the topic, though, we need to pray for protection for each other and people like John McT, especially, who is now putting his neck on the line by doing this website. His reward will be great in heaven for this, though. It is actually going to get dangerous(probably past that point already) where posting will leave a trail to us as individuals where the enemies of Christ can persecute us. So be it. I for one will not deny my Savior before men-I pray that the Lord gives me courage to back that up.

  19. Dan .w says:

    A reply to #11,Angelic warrior…No one in his or her right mind wants to take a life,even when it means we are protecting ourselves or loved ones..,however,I believe it is Biblical to practice self defense,if it is done in a biblical manner.It is our duty as a Godly man or wife to protect the family God has entrusted us with.This mandate[if you want to call it that],may be completely different than being a true martyr for Christ,and actually laying down your life in a passive manner,also according to Scripture.There are proper examples of each in the scripture that the Lord has provided for us.We cannot suppose or rehearse some things.The Lord will give us the words to say at the right time..they will be His Words.You WILL know that moment when your life may be required of you for your faith.It’s happened to me a couple times in the past,but it wasn’t yet my time.Many years ago,I had a machete cocked back over my head by a ‘possessed individual…lets just say he wasn’t filled with the Holy Spirit.I had absolutetly no advance warning this was to transpire,but I had a calmness of spirit…and KNEW this was a test.I couldn’t see it..but a ‘bubble’ of protection which I could almost feel in my spirit surrounded me.No words were spoken,but I knew satan wanted to take me out.I was never so calm in my whole life as I was right then.As quickly as it transpired ,it ended,again,no words…The machete was put down,the possessed person,still in a daze,slowly turned and walked out..with no memory of it at all….WOW…..I had trusted the Lord in all of this,fully ready to die..without a fight because that particular instance called for ‘laying down my life for the Lord if He required it.I was ready…Folks,we are not invincible..but at the same time,until our ‘number is up’…it is not.Hope that helps…God Bless you all out there…P.S. I will say a prayer for all of you tonight…You too brother John,Thanks. Dan.w

  20. Danielle says:

    @ Keith O. & all my brothers & sisters in Christ : Reminds me of “choose ye this day Whom you will serve …” Joshua 24:15. We need to tell as many as will listen that the time is so short … It has to be God’s way or NO way! If we are lukewarm & neither hot nor cold … He will spit us out of His mouth. Rev 3:16 ~ It won’t be long now …”and behold I come quickly!” Rev 22:12 – Yes, it’s getting really dark down here … but then it’s always darkest just before the dawn ~ Keep going , we are almost home !! Shalom

  21. A very good book to read at this time is Foxe’s Martyrs Inexpensive short versions in paperback are available, covering the English Martyrs. Answers to many of the questions raised above are found in there. In essence, nothing has changed, concerning our relationship to the world. The English-speaking world owes much to their faithfulness under trial, which laid the foundations for our erstwhile freedom. Considering the outright persecution that’s already going on round the globe in many places, it’s surely inevitable we’ll have to face the same before long, whether it be subtle, or full-on. This calls for patience and wisdom – being ‘as wise as serpents and harmless as doves’. Our light can shine even brighter, as it gets darker, and praise God, we know we’re on the victory side. May the Lord guide us and give us the grace to glorify him in all circumstances. Surely he will! (N Page, UK).

  22. Irv says:

    Jesus stated in Luke 17 that just before His return to earth as Judge, two big “crazes” will happen worldwide at the same time: (1) insane violence (“days of Noah”), and (2) outrageous sexual perversion (“days of Lot” – see Gen. 19). Aren’t beheadings, cannibalism, and school shootings violent? And what’s more perverted than a mob trying to rape LITERAL angels (see Gen. 19 again)?! So, America, keep spitting on God but you’d better duck when He spits back!! (PS – For a bigger enchilada, Google “when DIVERSITY becomes PERVERSITY.”)