Teaching: The Spirit of Truth vs the Spirit of Error Regarding Israel

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  1. claire says:

    “everlasting” means “everlasting” It doesn’t seem like it can be much plainer than that.
    thanks John for your teachings

  2. Mary says:

    This was an EXCELLENT teaching! I was exposed to Replacement Theology many years ago at an Evangelical church. I was in a meeting for a missionary couple that were preparing to move to an Eastern European country. They began to speak about this “new” teaching that they were both excited about. Turns out it was Replacement Theology. I was in shock. I explained to them that the teaching was in error and expressed my opinion to one of the Pastors as to whether or not they should represent the church overseas. My opinion was rejected and the couple left,free to teach a false doctrine.
    I spend many hours online reading prohecy sites and I have learned to be very careful. Many who teach this theology hide their hatred for Israel and their dis-belief of the “Blessed Hope”. When I go to a new site I always read the,”About Us” or “Our Beliefs” page first.

  3. God made an unconditional perpetual covenant with Abe, Issac, Jacob/Israel,,,,,,that Israel would own the PROMISED LAND FOR EVER,,,,,,,among other things., (and Israel must NOT do anything ,,,,,,,,it was a free, unconditional gift from God).

    The LAW OF MOSES was conditional (Israel must be faithful),,,,,,,, and Christ nailed the LAW OF MOSES to the Cross, taking it out of our way.

    So, the PROMISES TO ABARAHAM AND ISRAEL are in full force today,
    but the LAW OF MOSES disappeared 2000 years ago.

    Gen 15;17 …God passed between the cracasses, but NOT Abraham,,,,,because the covenant did NOT depend on Abraham doing anything,,,,,,,it was unconditional.

  4. Jay says:

    Great article John!

    To your list of verses you could also add the words of the angel that spoke to the disciples at Jesus’ ascension, telling them that Jesus would be returning in the same manner they saw him leave. That is, literally. 🙂

    God bless.

  5. Dan.w says:

    I’m not ashamed that my Savior is a Jew….Thank you Jesus,for letting this puppie beneath the table have some crumbs. Dan.w

  6. billiejean says:

    This is an excellent article with much food for that. Thanks for posting.

  7. Bro JOHN, Thanks for this teaching.
    All this are signs of the end-time. The word of God must surely be fulfiled.
    Devil knows that using self professing christians in attacking the authencity of the word of God is more painful than using outsider(muslims),cos ENEMY WITHIN is more dangerious than ENEMY WITHOUT.

    .Via NIGERIA.

  8. The word of God is eternal.
    Forever oh LORD thy word is settled in heaven.

    Via NIGERIA.

  9. Mrs. CJB says:

    Dear Brother John, this is the third post I am trying to send to this section concerning The Spirit of Truth and Error (replacement theology). I just wanted to say what a superb teaching it is and to thank you for it. I also wanted to give a shout ov to JONI to let her know we are still praying and standing with her. When I submitted the last attempt, I did get the notification that it was *awaiting moderation* Thanks.

  10. Russell says:

    All persons interested in Israel and Jews should Google “Do Christian Zionist Authors Push Their Agenda Through Lies and Plagiarism?”
    (Warning: Christian Zionists will not be provided with shock absorbers!)

    • admin says:

      Russell, I am a Christian Zionist author, so it appears that you are calling me a lie and plagiarist if I understand you comment.
      So lets do this with one lie that I am promoting to promote my agenda.
      Also, show me one item that I plagiarized.

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