Texas School District Mandates Teaching Kids Perverted Sex

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  1. dan.w says:

    Father God..bust wide open,the deep state.You know who is all involved.Only You can bring them down.I ask not because we deserve anything good from Your hand..but because You hear the prayers of Your children,[us].Take it to them Father God.Give them swift and a powerful ‘meeting’ with Your Holiness.The deranged left had their brains sucked out..long ago..in public school.The ‘CULT’ture’ absorbed them.They are trapped in the ‘ME,ME,ME..religion.All signs point to Your Son’s soon coming for those who trust in Him.Our country cannot go on much longer as real men have vanished..and in their place..feminized,and sin swamped multisexual satanic bots.They lack truth,Godly purpose..and worse of all..a fear of God.The Godly pastor is getting scarce..and women are the ‘new men’…hardcore roller derby types.We bought the ‘genderblender lie’..and now we are reaping the whirlwind.I don’t fear nukes from any country..my hope is in God.The commies planned take over of us is near complete…their army is raised up from ‘our children’.They LOVE socialism…check the polls…They will be our new ‘leaders’..taskmasters..abusers..executioners..they will be merciless and cruel.If you sit in the hospital bed of the future..and are considered a ‘useless eater’…you are done.They will kick the plug from the wall with an evil laugh… and say..’Good riddance’…Shades of Soylent green. Welcome to tomorrow. and it’s all because the church sat on it’s hands,instead of teaching the next generation about Jesus.Well..the devil’s got em now………..nice job……..

  2. dan.w says:

    I’m not ‘pounding’ on real Christians.Look folks..this stuff,all of it happened on ‘our watch’.I’m not under the delusion that we can make this a heaven on earth.Our influence,in culture,though slight has eternal impact.It’s not that we need more of Jesus,it’s just that He need’s more of us.We have to show up.If the rapture happened right now,I honestly believe we would almost not be missed.We are maybe 1%-2% of the population.Sitting in a pew will not hide us from the scrutiny of God.He KNOWS who are His.Praying the rosary,praying to the dead,indulgences,good works from us are not the requirement a Holy God demands or expects from us to gain eternal life.IT IS A GIFT……Jesus purchased it with HIS very own blood.To get this eternal life,we ask Him to save us.We exchange our sin for His righteousness.It is a Heavenly transfer.Once you have received ‘The Gift’..it is your’s…securely.Yes,if He can save you..then He is fully able to keep you safely in His care.We may still sin on occasion..but it’s not where we live.Thank You Jesus for saving and keeping me long ago.Please do the same for anyone who humbly ask’s,Amen.

  3. dan.w says:

    There are some..in Christian circle’s..who teach Jesus was murdered.Nothing could be farther from the truth.He was not murdered…He ‘laid down His life’as a ransom for many.’.He said that no man take’s His life,but He,[Christ] has the power to lay it down and to take it up again.Yes,He did die..but only in accordance with His Father’s will and plan.He was not a ‘victim’ as the word murder implie’s..but a ‘Victor’ in that He fulfilled the Father’s purpose and plan perfectly.God bless all of you.

  4. Gord says:

    Never, ever allow the Devil to bring you down, the Devil told me he hated everyone, he hated me, my mother and everyone else…stay strong like a warrior about to defend everything you love…God Bless You My Brother!

  5. dan.w says:

    Father God..please bring true repentance to our hearts in this country.You would rather hold off judgment just a bit longer..Ninevah repented..and got more time.Not more time for us to ‘cordwood sin’..but to turn to You,and turn from our collective wickedness.I intercede on behalf of our whole nation,..give us a mind that hates our own sin.Bring us back to You and our founding as a nation by the godly bunch of men,women and children..not the illuminati types.Our forefathers gave all,right up to their lives so we could have freedom to worship You Lord.Please honor their sacrifices,and of our military to keep You front and center.We are but mere dust,and lost forever without You.Please spare us and bring us back to godliness so we can serve You and tell others of Your fame,Amen.

  6. dan.w says:

    Evil hates goodness…but it’s not enough to want to be left alone.When we don’t reach out to a lost culture…the devil take’s the place of us in witnessing about his truth.You and I know it’s really a lie…but unless you have the truth to measure it against or compare it to,it’s like floating in space,with no reference point.Unfortunately,to some,evil sound’s palatable or a viable way to them.That is why it is of super importance we reach people with the Gospel,[tell them about Jesus] in whatever way God lead’s us.Like brother John has said to us many,many time’s…’They are taking the fight to us’. WE could have probably avoided the fight at least by severity…but as a whole..we as Christian’s have for some or many reason’s..not obeyed Christ’s command to go out into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.Now,because of our ‘lack of love for Christ’,or sheer dissobedience…we are in for the fight of our live’s.We can blame everyone else,even our pastor’s..but the truth is we all have a Bible,can read..and it was Christ,[God in flesh]..who spoke this to us.Let’s not be like Adam and blame his wife..remember God wasn’t fooled by the blame game,and isn’t now.We have NO excuse.When we refuse Christ’s command’s we show who our real god is…and we become Christian in name only.The Devil won’t mind you saying your’e a Christian…just don’t act on it.What I find amazing is the evil one has a future called Hell…yet,even perhap’s million’s of Christian’s obey him more than Christ..or at least by their action’s/lack thereof furthering the Devil’s kingdom more the God’s…I implore you as you read this…get on your knee’s…[I’m doing it too]..and ask forgiveness from the Lord..and for Him to give us a ‘fresh start’ I will guarantee you this.1year from now…you will NOT recognize this country.Bad people with bad plan’s are all around us.We MUST keep our eye’s on our Savior..then take the ‘marching order’s’ He gave us..and use them.May Christ in all His Glory bless you and protect and keep you….