The 666 Surveillance Systgem Blog update

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  1. susan says:

    Hi john, I saw a comercial about finding out about my DNA , like its a good
    And natural thing to do! I was agast! I f I see it again, ill send you the info.
    Very very strange! Thanks for what you do.

  2. susan says:

    Check out the site its about giving a DNA gift to
    Someone in your family for Christmas! The devil is soooo slick!!!!

  3. inhisservice says:

    Interesting Sid Roth-Perry Stone ‘It’s Supernatural” show:

    Understand at last the book of Revelation


    Keep looking up, the King is coming… 🙂

  4. Joni says:

    I rarely turn the TV on. I don’t even care for it for background noise. I just decided to turn it on, as we are expecting really cold temperatures this week. Single digits. I thought I would see what the Weatherman had to say.
    I just saw and heard with my own eyes, that due to our “need for instant gratification”, and the dislike of waiting for the shipments to arrive after purchasing online, that Amazon is working on a plan to have our orders, that weigh 5 pounds or less, delivered by drones, within 30 minutes of ordering, it will be dropped in your front yard. Does this sound like a Science Fiction movie to anyone else except me? We surely have to be close.
    God Bless us all,

  5. Dan.w says:

    Not too long ago,I heard about the police in some states randomly pulling over vehicles off to the side and requesting blood samples and DNA swabs.Sometimes with a cash or payout incentive.I heard this info not long ago on WVCY 107.7 FM.This Christian ministry is not known to exaggerate,and have been faithful to Christ as long as I’ve been aware of them.Brother John is correct.The 666 system is advanced very far along,and if you put all the knowledge each of us has about it together,it wouldn’t scratch the surface of how far along it really is.This Spiritual battle is becoming more visible to those of us who are not afraid to see.Tatoo’s and body piercings are all the rage with even some older adults wanting to ‘stay hip’.How far of a leap is it from on the skin to in it.Just thought I’d put it out there.Take care all.Thanks for this site and for your wisdom brother John,Dan.w

  6. Joni says:

    I personally think that the DNA will be used to trace ones heritage to see if they have any Jewish blood in them. I have always thought this, since first learning of DNA abilities. The devil wants all Jews exterminated and will not stop at anything. I have also thought that the big Geneology site out of Utah for hobby purposes and the making of ones family tree had nefarious motives also. Now I am not surprised that is based out of Utah with the data center underground there also. The Mormon church is a huge database in itself. All the pieces are almost in place, just like a big puzzle. Thank God we know how it ends, Thank God.
    God bless us all,

  7. Marc W says:

    Joni (All),

    You’re on to something. My wife recently informed me that a “new” question was included on the screening paperwork associated with her annual mammogram . The question was something akin to: “check this box if you have ashkenazi in your family history”.

    Thankfully, her background is sephardic, so she did not have to provide false information 🙂

    In Messiah,

  8. Joni says:

    @Marc, thanks for sharing that!
    It makes PERFECT SENSE TO ME!!!!! That box will then supply the nationwide healthcare software with that lineage, thus pinpointing EXACTLY what it is they are looking for. I mean how hard would it be to locate anyone with that kind of information at hand?
    God Bless us all,

  9. Joni says:

    It saddens me that we are used like guinea pigs everywhere we turn. And we would literally hand over just about anything if it has to do with health and security. I can envision the woman at the clinic for her annual mammogram, with that “dread” in the back of her mind, “what if??” She would answer ANY and I do mean ANY questions she thought might assist the provider in her care, and even questions that have nothing to do with her care, because she is in a state of “fear” because we all know someone who has either died from breast Cancer, or lived though it. And we never want to hear those dreaded words. Unfortunately the treatments for cancer are still violent and barbaric at the least. It works the same way with our self defense doesn’t it? With the big lie that we would be “safer” with our arms taken away, how many will believe that lie? I do not mean to put anyone down here, that is not my point at all, BUT if someone had a broken heart, because they lost a loved one to gun violence, it’s not brain surgery to see that now, they will “filter” their life through that trauma and broken heart, and believe darn near anything, if they thought they could stave off their own pain, or prevent the pain of another. So they go on a crusade to remove our weapons, all in the name of preventing another tragedy of course. Sure.
    Because we are emotional beings, and the enemy uses that to his advantage, and we buy into it. Not a surprise at all, until Jesus the Great Optician corrects that faulty eye prescription we have been trying to see out of right after He has done the heart transplant??????
    God Bless us all,

  10. Dan.w says:

    I believe above being emotional beings..we are spiritual beings.Satan can and usually uses emotions to get a certain outcome.He knows when we are at our worst,then tries to use our emotions against us.We must stay close to Christ.Truth from our Lord can cut through and give us a clear mind where we can glorify God with our heart soul mind and strength.If we lead with emotion,i.e the [follow your heart] saying,we can easily go astray.Love,before being an emotion,is first a decision.’But God commendeth His love toward us,in that,while we were yet sinners,Christ died for us.’ Romans 5;8 God bless all of you my brothers/sisters.Dan.w

  11. c a baughman says:

    Thank you for researching this, Brother, John. I really appreciate you speaking out on this with well-researched scientific facts. I was having difficulty locating the facts but had, unfortunately, been subjected to the existence and intent of it. Your expose verified to me what Chuck Missler and I had deduced….have you listened to Chuck’s YouTube post entitled: “Where we are….now”? It’s been made public some time in the last month, to my knowledge. May God richly bless you.