The Awesome Creative Power of God on Display

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  1. Dan.w says:

    The awesome power of God on display…It’s not how will unbelieving scientists explain it,..but how they will deliberately,like all of God’s great wonders…explain it away.They have not a heart for truth,or the God of it,and would rather make up fairy tales to believe in than face the facts.But,aren’t you all glad,[us],that the Lord reigns.He is real,there is no fiction in Him…He,[Jesus Christ]…is the ultimate reality.Father God…Open the eyes of the spiritual blind,that they may see you,in your Son,Jesus,Amen.

  2. Dan.w says:

    Remember when I talked about the ‘mishandling’ of the ebola crisis…..was I far off or what.On another note,..We have a bi-sexual muslim in the whitehouse,anyone want to think on how easy it will be for a bi-sexual woman to be next liar in-chief?..Finally,I was at a wedding yesterday.The church seemed a little ‘odd’.Well,Jesus was not in the thing at all.Never heard His name once,not in the vows,nothing.I did,however pray He would still be the glue that holds them together…and yes,in case you were wondering,it was a man and a woman.Whew…..Anywhoo,Jesus is still on the throne…even though I researched and found out it was a mormon church…..My head is still reeling…and no..I didn;t see the copper plates anywhere…or any little god’s skulking about.Must have known I was there.Take care all,Dan.w

  3. Dan.w says:

    As a note from my earlier post,I did more research,..not technically a mormon church,supposedly non-denominational,however,mormon ‘scripture’,if you want to call it that,was on the walls,along with accurate KJV Scipture next to it.Also,some platitudes by a french person,also on the walls…so eccumenical stew I guess.The ‘pastor’,made a note in jest I believe,that my wife and I were sitting in the [sinners seats],which I replied,yes,I;m a sinner save by grace..later he made the same remark,to which I replied..I’m a sinner,under His Blood…remarkably,the [pastors] reply was…..I know.I had not even considered the fact of being in ‘strange territory’,but the Lord was gracious with supplying the right words.Even the people seated right in front of us took note at the odd sayings on the walls….I also didn’t see a Cross anywhere…but to be totally fair,there was one picture of our Savior up near the front.God bless all of you,your brother in the risen Lord,Dan.w

  4. Lori says:

    Dan, I’ve been reading the Health Ranger’s 4 part series on how to survive a pandemic like Ebola, it’s very good and I plan on taking some extra precautions that he mentions. There’s so much bad news around, it makes my head spin! That’s what happens when the world denies Christ and gives into the dark side spiritually. It does get to me, but it also causes me to get closer to God and His holy word, thank you Jesus for salvation! Lord bless all who come here.

  5. Loretta says:

    More pestilence… an outbreak of potentially deadly bacterial meningitis in Los Angeles and New York.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      This has been hitting them for several years.
      The homosexual act is unclean and weakens the body’s immune system.