The Democrats: The Party of Kremlin Dreamers

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  1. dan.w says:

    I agree…One thing evil or the followers of it hate…is TRUTH.On every level,it needs to be seen and gotten out there.It’s not being holier than thou when we say homosexuality is a sin,abortion is child murder,etc.We don’t nit-pic pet sins…ALL sin is sin,a transgression against a Holy God is only satisfied when we come to the Cross in full on true repentance unto salvation in Christ alone.As far as the rising tide of commie/lib/marxists think nots….They need a one way pass to the country that already fits [their choice]..How about China,Russia,Iran,Turkey…surely they would take them in..oh.what a glad home coming it would be….I was told by a relative who is going to China..there is a list of don’ts there…one of them is no hugging, hide and go seek,…no gifts wrapped in white,[symbolizes death]…now theres a vacation hotspot!…..The left and their ILK…are mockers..that feed on death,misery..and trash…yum,yum.We have the true food….Christ.

  2. dan.w says:

    Pelosi..and you other demoncats….go pound sand…That is all. Mr.Trump….BUILD THAT WALL………You have my full blessing and support.Make it tall,long,and straight,and remove incentives for illegals to come here illegally.We love you Mr.President.You will be blessed as long as you follow the Lord.