The Destruction of Penn State University

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  1. Mrs. CJB says:

    I believe the Freeh report to be trustworthy.

  2. Mrs. CJB says:

    I believe that the Freeh report is trustworthy. I heard some people complaining today about Joe Paterno being bashed since the report was released. Yes, Mr. Paterno is deceased. but Mr. Freeh had an investigation to head up, and I believe he strove for the truth to the best of his ability.

  3. Dan .w says:

    Its sad to see what America has become.They,[we],are caught up in zeitgiest..the spirit of the age.Homosexuality is fast becoming mainstream and so …everyday.Because Sin is never satisfied until it kills and destroys,the new [buzz],is beastiality.Sears was actually selling books on it.I remember hearing how Pennys was a Christian started co. and Sears was like mom and apple pie.Satan is the god of this present age…but his days are numbered.Jesus wins……………Lets tell others about Him in the short remaining time. God bless all you…Dan.w

  4. Jay says:

    By the way, the current US drought is already the sixth worst on record (since 1895).

  5. Anne says:

    This is incredibly personal for me. This type of behavior has gone on all along, but John, you are exactly right in saying that this is God’s judgment upon Penn State and the nation.

    Last November, I read an op-ed piece by Oliver North in which he said, “The iceberg has been struck”.

    Read the book, “The Franklin Scandal” by Nick Bryant. You will see how homosexuality became so prevalent in our society.

    If you take July 4, 2012 and subtract 236 days from it, you will come to 11/11/11 — the date that North’s article was written.

    It is the years since our nation’s founding.

  6. John: This is off topic, but where is the best place to find your teaching on Isaiah 17:1-3? These verses are being discussed elsewhere with some confusion because of the Bible version that is being used. Thanks!


    • admin says:

      I don’t think there is one place.
      I would review my DVD America and the Day of the LORD as that covers the topic.

  7. Dan .w says:

    See that ye refuse not him that speaketh.For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth,much more shall not we escape,if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven. Hebrews 12;25

  8. bilij says:

    God is clear as to His take on homosexuality. But our society through its government leaders, judges, and other authorities is so intent on running Him off and out of our lives, they have no clue about what is coming. God isn’t mocked. Just ask Penn State.

  9. Anne says:

    My Lord gave this to me as a part of a prophetic message to deliver to the church. Sadly, they did just as the verse implied.

    That was three months exactly prior to the 9/11 WTC attack.

    This is the year that all will be fulfilled. We are going Home soon.

  10. bilij says:

    I’m so sorry that the churches won’t get out in front of these scandals and get back to preaching about sin and repentance as well as the realities of heaven and hell. Many churches are either completely apostate or headed that way through their empty “contemporary” services. The churches have been derelict and they continue to fail God and His people, thus the judgments continue to roll. Tragic.