The Far Left in the West is Getting Destroyed – Israel Election Results Devastating for Liberalism

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  1. dan.w says:

    We can ‘cure’ willful ignorance…how? reaching the lost with Jesus.Hell missed by degree’s is still missed.We can call the left what they are..but are we willing to just put the Gospel in the hand’s/heart’s of people God put’s in our path.Jesus commanded us to love one another…That mean’s people we don’t even like.If we are brutally honest..we have let the ‘church’ become infiltrated by non believer’s.The prerequisite for being a christian is the New Birth,or by being ‘born again’.Some,when they hear this think it’s a cult,or say..I’m religious!Well,religion is a big part of what Jesus railed against as it called Him a liar,and pronounced on Him a death sentence,along with the magistrate of the day.Religion say’s..DO.Jesus said..Done.It is finished!We need to reclaim the title,[and along with it]..the responsibility of being the Church.Get the Gospel out.We have lip’s..tell someone.Most of us have eye’s,hand’s,feet,a way to interact with other’s…Let’s use what we have already and be a true witness to what Christ can do in their live’s.Give out a tract,or Jesus DVD,pray for someone,be the hand/heart of Jesus to someone in need.When we leave ‘this mortal coil’…our work here is done.I want eternity to stand as my witness that Jesus got my best,and I told other’s about Him.I may be imperfect….but that’s just what Christ can use…if I let Him.