The Jihad Attack on Boston

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  1. Joe says:

    “What is Obama going to do as he is now faced with Muslim terrorists which the entire nation now knows? ”
    obama is going to follow his alinsky rules because his ilk believe you should never let a crisis go to waste:
    he’ll use the threat of terrorism to increase his grip on the nation and suspend the Constitution; muslim terrorist are responsible? Not to worry. He’ll just shift blame to Christians and everyone else who opposes him. We, not the muslim terrorists, will be demonized and persecuted. It’ll be easy because the media will gladly assist. They’ll gladly debate your radical right wing beliefs and how your pathetic Christian upbringing led you down this path of resisting the dear leader and his efforts to protect the nation…
    With the 24/7 news coverage, did everyone notice the resources employed to find the second terrorist? That’s what we’ll face when we resist gun control measures and become political enemies of this administration.
    Just like Bro John stated on every post: draw close to our Lord Jesus Christ because the days are growing more evil.

  2. Mary says:

    I think the boston bombing terrorist incidence is a decoy by Iran and North Korea to keep the Americans busy homeland and to keep them distracted while it gives them time to prepare for war, who knows if the chemical incident was not part of that plot. As usual radical moslems are behind this despicable crime and I assure you that the word moslem is going to be played down just like it was with bengazi. This government is very appeasing to the moslems. Read Walid Shoebat’s latest article on this issue. Very frigtenening.

  3. Carol M says:

    John . . . you stated “This will also cause America to become more of a police state.”

    This morning on Fox News they are repeatably lauding the fact that the authorities were so unusually open and because of that people watching and reporting leading to the capture of the second terrorist.

    Like so many things that start out intrinsically good and wind up being used for evil this new “attitude” of the authorities and public will doubtlessly turn around and bite us!!!

  4. Julia says:

    Oh what a Faithful & Loving God we serve who protects us by letting us be aware of what’s ahead.We’re told as in the “Days of Noah” so will the coming of the Son Of Man be.(Matthew 24 V 37-39)What a comparison to our day!!!!…………(DAYS OF NOAH)Curse enters the earth through disobedience(Genesis 3 V 16,17)The wickedness of man is great in the earth,and the earth is corrupt & filled with violence(Genesis 6 V 5,11)………..(sounds like TODAY’S TIMES)God protects us by sending his son to redeem us from the curse(Galatians 3 V 13)Gives his Comforter “The Holy Spirit”Foretells us of things to come(Isaiah 43 V 18-21)Then gives us dreams & visions for further help(Job 33 V 15,16),(Joel 2 V 27 – 32),(Matthew 2 V 12,13,19,22).God Bless You John & My brothers & sisters found here!!!!

  5. Karen says:

    I listen each week to Torah portions today the portion began with Leviticus 1-20. Whyou read or listen you realize the things that make a land unclean before the Lord. The USA is unclean before the Lord and God says to Isreal that the land will vomit you/them out for breaking God’s commands. I understand fully that these commands are addressed to Israel in particular and in general it gives a picture of what pleases God and what does not. It is not just for rejecting Isreal the US is exceedingly perverted and wicked. So the real surprise is why has God been so patient and slow to bring down the hammer? I am astounded that the judgements of teh Lord have beeen thus far so mild. I do not expect them to remain so. I am expecting that now the Hammer of his wrath is going to fall and that this recent terrorist attack is the opening salvo for a very fast moving judgement on the USA..

  6. Terry The Taxpayer says:

    Who would’ve ever thought that Muslims were behind the murders in Boston? Wow, all along I thought it was a white conservative … I mean extremist.

  7. Vincent De Carlo says:

    …Thank you for all this wonderful information…God Bless you all….

  8. ken says:

    Brother john thank you for the updates;, I am an airline pilot who prays as I fly , and can’t wait to read your updates when I get off the plane

  9. ken says:

    I am an airlin pilot who prays over cities I fly over and enjoy reading your blog on my layovers thank you

  10. Gary says:

    The mayor of Boston said the two brothers acted alone. Case closed. And how would the mayor know that? His idiot statement is a clue that the government had a hand in this and they want the investigation to end at the brothers. This mayor is even more stupid than I first thought.

  11. dan .w says:

    You had to listen long and hard to hear the word muslim..regarding the two perps….The bought and payed for media had a difficult time saying it even once in an hours worth of fake reporting, doe’s not suit their needs.I too believe it could be part of a diversion,so our attention is elsewhere while ‘the devil plays’…Between our muslim /liberal led administration,and the fake news media..things will continue their evil march towards the ‘utopia’ they envision..a Godless America…by scraping every vestige of Holiness and anything that reminds them that payday is coming…and it will be the Lord who will give them their ‘reward’ for casting Him from even the thoughts of men.We will be cast in the light of our Savior..and will one day be the blame for all the ill’s society suffers.Even so,come Lord Jesus. Dan.w

  12. Joni says:

    Maybe so Gary, maybe so. One is dead, the other cannot speak, since his neck and toungue were injured. So how would they know?
    Has anyone else had problems with their computer during this last terrorist episode?
    My computer and email have never acted up so bad. I am convinced it is because I hangout with people who listen to this right wing islamic and homophobic “preacher” as they like to call call him, Johnny Mac.
    I also email another of Johnny Mac’s friends who happens to live 20 miles from where they caught the 2nd brother.
    The topics of my emails, if misunderstood, would seem very interesting to those who don’t know any better. They certainly would have the right buzz words. This same thing began with my phone, while my son was on an airplane deploying to Iraq as a US Marine. It was a chartered jet, he was enroute, calling me collect along the way at each stop. The words we used were the “buzz” words that big thing in Europe is it eschelon? listens in for. It was after 9/11.
    Oh well, nothing to hide, but irritating, none the less.

    God Bless us all,

  13. Danielle says:

    @ Julia ~ Still a part of The Story of Jesus here in Hardee Cnty Florida. It is Florida’s Leading Outdoor Passion Play. In 2012 our director (& Pastor) felt so strongly to do The Story of Noah for the first time … why ? Because “and GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” – Genesis 6:5 I believe we are now there “as in the days of Noah.” People from 31 churches in this area come together each year . We start practicing in January & spread the gospel at 10 performances each Friday & Saturday night thru March & April. It is just plain hard work for many families …. but lives are changed, ppl are baptized every night & they go & carry His message to others! Stay on course , brothers & sisters in Christ . We will soon see Him face to face !! @ Ken – TY for praying over our cities … you are salt & light . Luv u Brother John. Keep going ~ we are almost home

  14. Joni says:

    John, you know I am teasing you right?
    You are the most NOT islamaphobic or homophobic Chaplain I know!
    Thank you John, I will listen in the archives, I got rid of chrome, (too big brotherish) and not mac friendly, and got rid of the problem it seems, too bad it made me miss the Sunday night show, my week is not complete without it.
    God Bless us all,

  15. Nancy says:

    Did anyone else hear Margaret Thatcher’s granddaughter Amanda read Ephesians 6:10-18 from the KJ Holy Scriptures at the funeral?! She read it slowly, deliberately, beautiful, just perfect! I couldn’t believe that was coming out of England especially with Kissinger sitting in the audience. What a beautiful Christian she is to want everyone listening to hear every word of God from that passage. She lives with her mother and brother in Texas, the husband and dad left them for a rich woman living in Spain. They even had it up there in print King James Bible!

    Walking in the fear of the Lord, and in the comfort of the Holy Ghost!

  16. Ryan Thomas says:

    Thanks Nancy, Reading Ephesians 6:10-18 again in light of your post, brought tears to my eyes, because I know it’s quite the battle for us who care.
    Love to you.

  17. Barbara in VA says:

    Hi Joni: Good point about the brothers. I may get in trouble here but I believe that all that hoopla completely closing down Boston and house to house searches was just for practice to be used in other cities.

    And yes, my computer was also acting up, especially on the “watchmen” sites. Plus, when my prayer partner and I were trying to talk yesterday on Skype, there was a lot of interference which we normally do not experience!

    Also, Yahoo mail was down part of every day last week with “technical difficulties”. ????

    Psalm 91:4 (KJV)
    4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.


  18. Janine says:

    People need to read this, especially the comments at the end. There is a lot more going on here than meets the eye. I don’t know all the answers, but my goodness there are some very poignant questions here!

  19. Sharon says:

    John you are so right, the media is slowly being taken over by the government, and soon ALL news will be monitored! Fox News who was once very pro Israel and pro republican has been partly taken over by a saudi moslem, therefore the M word is hardly if not at all mentioned in connection with terrorism!! ! G-d help us!

  20. dan .w says:

    Thank you Jesus for not leaving us as orphans in the storm.We are ready when you are…to bring us to yourself.Dan.w

  21. Gary says:

    isn’t it interesting…US gets terror bombed in Boston Monday a few weeks after pressuring Israel to give up land. Canada catches the terrorists before they attack. could it be because the PM of Canada when he met the Israeli leadership a couple of weeks ago, met them in Jerusalem, and supports the Israelis?

  22. Joni says:

    Barbara, I believe everything you wrote to be true.
    I sensed we were “due” didnt you?
    I am really bothered when I cant even get to my favorite sites or talk via email to someone all because the words I use, or the sites I view raise a red flag to some idiot somewhere. I believe in my rights, I take advantage of my rights every chance I can, I abide by the law regarding my rights, and I dont tromp on anyone elses rights, so it does really bug me that someone can read something into my life that is simply not true. And its just going to get worse. Thankfully John keeps us abreast of it all, or what I would do is beyond me.
    All of my former in laws live in the Boston area, and we stay in touch. I guess that was reason to spy on me now. I guess we better get used to it huh?

    God Bless us all,

  23. Cynthia says:

    Brother John, did you know that we have a POW in Afghanistan? I just found this out today, I am in shock.

    Sgt Bowe Bergdahl, US Army, was captured in Afghanistan on 30 June 2009 by members of the Haqqani network, a Taliban allied insurgent group. He is currently being held as a prisoner of war.

    As of 9 April 2013
    SGT Bowe Bergdahl
    has been held captive for
    199 weeks
    1393 days
    33,432 hours
    3 years + 9 months + 3 weeks + 3 days
    T O O L O N G !

    June 30th Marks The Beginning of the Fourth Year of Bowe’s CaptivityJune 30th, 2013

    2months to go.

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