The medications that change who we are

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  1. dan.w says:

    France is done…….They forgot God. As Re;Trumps speech…It was fantastic.I thank God for him daily.Name ONE politician who has done what he has in 3 years with the roadblocks and lies in his way.There aren’t any.If anyone is his detractor…they talk from pure ignorance….period.

  2. dan.w says:

    WOW!!..Brother John…With drugs..[even legal ones’ perhaps changing certain levels in the brain causing lack of empathy in sure sounds a lot like in the latter times…the love of many shall grow cold.We would be blown away to find out how many [walking time bombs] are on one or more meds every day.In some families,almost every one is on something.My take on this is that while some drugs can be of a benefit to some..many may open up ‘a door’ to the mind which can ‘let in’ a spiritual being or realm which may normally be ‘off limits’to us naturally.That ‘door’ may remain open…and thats not good.My mom just confided to me today that some time ago,Tears perhaps?..that she was ‘prescribed’ something by a Dr.She stated seeing huge bugs everywhere,crawling up the walls,curtains,and ceiling.She stpped taking this drug immediately and told her Dr.Do you know the Dr. laughed at her?To this day,when she awakes..every day she says she see’s bugs crawling the wall..but now they are smaller.Can you share some insight on how to ‘close this door ‘ brother John.She will remain nameless..but I want to help her.Thank you.You can post your suggestion on line if you wish.God bless.P.S.she is a believer.