The New Progressive Line: Donald Trump the Anti-Christ

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  1. dan.w says:

    We are witnessing the once hidden revolution,now exposed thanks to prayer.Because the ‘corporate church’,not always blood bought have been clueless in many ways..vast strides have been made in the name of evil.Chic-fil-a is the most recently obvious casualty…There is no ‘making nice’ with satan or his program.If you fold…you are done.Stand in the Name of Christ..against the onslaught of tyranny… will cost less to stand than to cave in.Cowards are not spoken of highly in the book of Revelation.If you don’t live for Christ,you won’t die for Him either.Mile wide,inch deep christian is just a cultural oddity.They fit in nowhere.We have enough Joel Olsteens make me puke fake believers out there.Smile all the way to Hell…laughing boy…but I don’t see anything to smile about.False leader leading many to the Pit.We NEED fire/brimstone preaching.We have lost the fear of God..and instead replaced it with the ‘bootlickers of New Sodom’.Wake up people..time is up.God is not mocked…The reaper is grim..and he may come for you if you are not ‘in the vine’.

  2. dan.w says:

    Sorry if I ‘soft pedaled’the message brother John…Guess I’ll just have to step it up a little…. God bless you for your comments/encouragement/ministry…You are an awesome individual…If you lived closer,…I’d let you buy me lunch…ha,ha. Seriously,We as believers either need to [step up our game],so to speak…or get out of it.God and the devil both can smell a faker from miles away….and believers in name only…make it harder for those who really love the Lord and are trying to be the salt and light we were called to be.The world is turned off of Christ many times because a ‘religionist’ cultural christian shines a ‘contrary light on them’.They are not Holy Spirit it’s darkness leading darkness.No one is helped or saved that way.My ‘seemingly harsh or hard words do not apply to the faithful believers..but to pretender believers.We should live as if Jesus is present with us…because…He is.I thank God always for you brother John.You are an inspiration.

  3. dan.w says:

    Usually…I eat dessert first…..