The Perfect Storm (2)

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  1. TJ says:

    Hurricane Sandy will affect a vast area of the east coast. The attempt of the UN to boycott all pro-Israeli companies could be a piece of the puzzle. There is so much happening which has spiritual connections that it boggles the mind. The Hurricane itself could impact the elections. In what way, we must wait and see. Pray for those who are in the path of Sandy, that through it, they would come to know Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers. Be careful Pastor. We are praying that you and your family and house will be safe from this storm.

  2. I am becoming more and more concerned about the impact from Sandy and have already started praying for those in it’s path. John, Pastor Fred, Dave, Willie, and one of my nephews in the Long Island area, Of course we are praying for everyone in this storm’s path, but especially that God will put a strong hedge of protection around His watchmen. I was reminded of two more watchmen who live in the Buffalo, NY area. Here is a request from Jack Kinsella:

    “The Perfect Storm: Please pray for the millions who are in the path of Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter that is forecast to develop over the weekend. The storm threatens everyone on the East Coast from Washington DC to Maine and from New York City to Detroit.

    Forecasts for the Buffalo area include gale force winds, five inches of rain and serious power outages — and the forecast is the same all the way west to Detroit.

    If you are in the path of the storm, make sure you have enough fresh food and water to last at least three days. If you are not in the storm’s path, please pray for those that are.

    May God preserve and protect us all and we’ll see you on the other side. . .


    I was also reminded that Jeffrey Radt (author of the LUF blog) also lives in the Buffalo area.

    I live in Roanoke, VA and, depending on just where the storm comes toward land, could be in an area of damaging winds–it has happened before with hurricanes that have come ashore especially in the NC area–not sure what will happen with this one.

    We indeed need to be in intense prayer concerning those in the path of destruction. In one article I read, “The wind field of Hurricane Sandy is extremely large with tropical storm-force winds extending 450 miles away from its center.” That is huge! God bless all!


  3. Mary E. says:

    The latest update is calling for the storm to come ashore somewhere around New Jersey. I continue to be amazed to hear the meteorologists proclaim they have never seen anything like this. Although,I am not on the east coast,I know that there are commentors and readers of this blog who are. When tornadoes were tearing up the mid-west,I requested prayers on this blog and many of you responded. I am already in prayer for all of you who are in the path of this storm and I’m asking all who read this blog to join in and pray that the Lord will give favor to those who belong to Him. God bless and stay safe.

  4. Mrs. CJB says:

    Thankful to Barbara, Mary and all who are praying. I join you all in the name of Jesus. Especially thinking of you, Barbara. I am in north central PA, preparing as best we can. For months my friend and I have been repenting and interceding for America. God be with us all, through all.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Great that you are praying.
      I am below you in central PA.
      All accounts showing it heading our way.
      May the Lord Jesus bless and protect you.

  5. Koriline says:

    Dude, Jesus preached love thy neighbor, which is something you all definitely don’t do. I live in Central Penn, and I can tell you right now that if your God has any self-respect he will wipe all you mofos out.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      This one is really odd.
      You say Preach love thy neighbor but then wipe me out.
      America is under a curse for promoting homosexual “marriage”. Nothing you can say to me will stop it, only national repentance and turning to Jesus Christ will.
      God can heal our land of sin.

  6. Katkat says:

    what ever happened to “judge not”. Wouldn’t that be Gods job? What kind of God are you talking about, the old testament God or the new testament? I am confused, the OT says not to eat pork and a slew of other things, if we are going by the OT then why not follow all those other rules? Doesn’t Jesus say to follow my fathers commandments? Does that mean just ten of them or all of them. I am so confused.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      God is judging America and it is falling like rain.
      All I do is warn and call the church to repentance so our land could be healed from the ravages of sin.

  7. Franc says:

    John, I’m a little confused by your wording. I’ve looked up articles on hurricanes and other posts regarding 1991’s Perfect Storm. You say it moved in “an eastward to westward direction.” I’m not sure if you mean to say “from east to west” which would actually mean in a westward direction. Or do you actually mean it moved in a eastward direction first (that is, from west to east), then changed to a westward direction (that is, doubling back from the east to the west). I’ve looked at the track of the storm, and I’m still not sure which is correct. What I see is that it formed off the coast of Nova Scotia, moved a little to the east, then turned westward. After that, it looped and went off in a northeasterly direction and dissipated over PEI. So to me, it moved in a westward direction.
    Another “word” that got me confused was “extra – tropical” You wrote it such that it looked like you used a dash instead of a hyphen. Actually it should be “extra-tropical” or better, “extratropical” but you wrote “extra – tropical”: “Meteorologists called this storm extra – tropical because it did not originate in the tropics, as do most hurricanes.”
    I’m not making a fuss. It’s just that I really don’t know much about hurricanes, so when I read about a hurricane and I see unusual word patterns I really have a problem understanding.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      The storm first traveled from the northeast to southwest and then turned due south.
      It was called a retrograde storm because it went the wrong way or backwards.
      What is the problem with understanding?
      It formed in the North Atlantic so that is why it is called extra-tropical.
      I might have a map of the storms path. Email me and I will send it to you.
      [email protected]