The Post-Child Democrats

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  1. dan.w says:

    Soooo.Trump gets slapped demoncrats of course,and also by Rino’s…If the wall isn’t a national emergency..nothing is.The ‘lame’excuse is that the term national emergency could be missused by future presidents…I saw Obumma run roughshod over the constitution as Zipper Bill did,so did both Bushes…All those were of an evil/ill nature.Trump just want’s to be a constitutional president..and a huge part of ‘his job’ is doing just that…Building the wall.He is well within his right[read that as responsibility] to build our wall to secure our nation from bad stuff.God bless you president Trump.I pray the evil the ‘enemy’ plans for us fall back on them tenfold..Rino”s are as bad as demoncrat’s..they smell the same to me…like rats…..

  2. dan.w says:

    You can tell who the ‘new world order’ globalist crowd is…they are the one’s against ‘the wall’.To them..nationalism is bad…because God made national border’s…as a protection for it’s citizenry.Song’s of ‘imagine’,and’ we are the world’ dance in what’s left of their head’s…simple shill’s for the upcoming attraction.Anyone Christian,capitalist,nationalist,conservative,constitutionalist is on their ‘to-do-away with list.’As the Bible state’s..they will kill you and think they are doing god a service.Cultural christians/marxist’s/islamic/earth worshippers are forming a red-green axis,or coalition to marginalize and silence us.They are in every sphere of our society waiting for the right time and for order’s.WE are standing in their way.They want your free speech,you ability to defend yourself,your right to fair trial..and want us put away at least/euthenized at worst.Pray hard for God to deal directly with these swamp creature’s..and to bless our president.All this is happening on our watch..and it is very much further down the line than most of us know.Most of ‘the church’ is either asleep,or complicit because of false doctrine/false salvation.They have played the whore with the world…now the a loanshark..want’s what is due it.Just like ‘the poop’..playing kissy,kissy with islamic cleric’s,so many in the evangelical realm have sold their soul’s long ago to be liked by the world.Judge not is their favorite verse..but in doing so..they have judged us and we fall short of ‘their leader’..beezelbub. Too bad. Even so..come Lord Jesus.