The Special Sin

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  1. dan.w says:

    Homosexuality is always the very last GREAT sin that precedes God intervening in the form of Judgment.It is flat out rebellion because those who practice it are taking their ‘cue’…or marching orders from the devil itself.It’s another way of calling God a liar…and calling God a liar is the same as unbelief….and no one inherits the kingdom who will not take and accept God at His Word…which ultimately….is Christ.At the same time..[now in fact]..there is an ‘ark of safety’ provided to us by Father God via His Son.Humble ourselves and admit we are sinners in need of His Grace and Salvation.Ask Him for forgiveness and to save us from ourselves.When we fall upon His [Christ’s] mercy…Heaven is made our new home..and we become a relative to King Jesus.If someone here has not taken that step,…I urge you to do it now.You will never look back with regret….but will forever look forward in gratitude that God did a job you could not take you to a place you could not receive mercy you cannot get something NO ONE can take from you…..Eternal life.

  2. dan.w says:

    I just read that Linda Ronstadt compared Trump to Hitler….People are entitled to their opinion..even when they are wrong…and I can throw away one more album I don’t listen to anymore without guilt…no guilt except for that pesky little girl who worships the planet….Hope I cheered you all up….Happy [M]earth day…….,I mean New Years day.

  3. dan.w says:

    My take on the next four years?..We will continue to see the fake,or cultural christian continue to take on the real church..Communism is the new demoncrat party…and many,many religious organizations have rolled over to it.Social justice,[thievery]…calling people groups ‘races’..[evolution]…Earth worship…[false gods]…female worship,or putting them in roles designed by God for men…Emasculating men,blending genders,making the church a huge ‘feeding program and givaway’..instead of giving them prayer,a hand up..and most them Jesus.The ‘libs’ are all about sexual licence and killing of innocent human life.We have let islam and self worshippers run the show…Now,God haters and anti-constitutionalists are on every side,trying real hard to strip us of freedom of speech,freedom of worship,freedom of conscience,the right to self defense,the right to just laws..and instead want to impose their garbage from Hell on us or pay the price.Mr.Trump has his hands full.He stands for us…but if we don’t take a stand to bring Jesus to this ‘lost culture’…we…are…done. He,[Jesus] would be our defender…but if we don’t share Him…He does not ‘know us’….and all is lost.