“This Is Really Happening: Montana County Demands Citizens Wear Government-Issued Arm Bands to Shop at Grocery Stores

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  1. dan.w says:

    The pink armbands smack of the yellow star the Jews were made to wear.The same spirit of evil and rebellion can’t come up with any new tricks.’They’..whoever ‘they’ are..are trying to crash the worlds economy while we are still on ‘volunteer lockdown’,[read it as soft martial law]…’They’ are doing everything within their power to keep us in our homes….until they can force a vaccination on us.Of course..they would do house calls on that.DO NOT take the vaccine.They will try and tie it to your ability to leave your home,buy,sell,eat,or just function in society as a whole.This IS a man trap.You don’t know whats in this vac..and if you did,you would refuse it.They will lie right to your face about it.Fact;You are being herded and primed for the MARK.Do not cave in and weaken Christian.What is more important.??..a piece of bread,or Christ.??..Remember this whole thing stinks of the evil one right from the start.do not depend on your govt.to save you.They cannot/will not even save the preborn,and they did nothing to deserve a death sentence..so why should you deceive yourself into thinking they have your best interest at heart.Everything is done backwards.Quarantine the healthy worker..flood the market with fiat currency,shut down real jobs,pay people to do nothing but wait…wait for what?…Wait until they decide you die….Right Bill Gates?All the big players behind the scenes knew this was coming.They sent it.Where Trump made his big mistake right from the gate was not to completely go through ALL of the people who would surround him .Obummer did.The Lyin Kenyan removed any Christian influence/people/pastors from the govt./military,etc..and installed marxists and muslims.Ovomit even had Georgetown cover up the Cross on their wall when he campaigned there…I would have told him to go home..where ever that place was.Bommy was even supported and taught by Jesuit/catholics on radical/social issues..funded as well.Now,mere yards from the white house,O’stinky is playing and toying with ‘The Donald’,via his many operative and minions placed there for just such a cause.He is in league with Soro’s,Gates,Birx,Fauci,big pharma,Mr.Kushner via the Soro’s tie.The list is endless.Even so..come Lord Jesus.

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God.Trump needs Your help.Clear the fog that surrounds him,and help him get rid of the deep state in his midst.Make him a fierce warrior for You and Your precepts Lord,Stop his,[and our] enemies in their tracks,Amen.