This is the Deed to Our Land’: Israel’s Ambassador Takes Bible at UN to Prove Jewish People’s Claim to Israel

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  1. dan.w says:

    Danny Danon…great name..Maybe I’m partial because I’m ‘a Dan too’..He laid it out there as it is…Suck it up..U.N!..It’s God’s land.He gave it to the Jews…Enough on that one.As we either support,or alienate Israel and the it go’s for us.If you want to be on the Lord’s the Jew.If you want your house of card’s to crash all around you…don’t.Father God..make us a true blessing to the Jew,and us root out islam,and the brainless liberalism sweeping America.They are worse than brain dead..they are soul dead as well…They believe light is dark,and bitter is sweet..they believe..all sort’s of garbage…but it’s all wrong..’cause their pappy is satan’ pa,like son of perdition.Rise up Church..this is Your hour…To the cultural church…never mind..your dead,go back to sleep.We have a governor in our state..a Mr.Evers…He is a pro death lib.Please every one..pray him to retire early.Our state is filled with his type…God hater’s/baby killer mentality.We..have more than we need..pray him to move to ..some…islamic country..where his ideal’s more closely fit…Maybe they will give him a free haircut.