Top Democrat Tells Holocaust Survivors To Check Their Privilege

2 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    Father God..tear off the masks from the evil ones who align themselves with the democrats/islam.communism/and baby killing.We know this is just one of many layers of ‘the onion’.Put a big bad rusty monkey wrench in the gears of the deep state/shadow govt.machine.Give them sand instead of grease.Let the whole works crunch to smashing halt and fall into a heap.Let the major liar cover for satan media be caught in their own trap until they fail.Bring Hellery,Bill ‘the zipper’,mule hair,and all the other ilklings into the light…Oh,how they hate that.Embolden real Christians/convert fake ones,and make patriots all over America recognize You Father the Mercy of Your son,Jesus.Protect all Jews worldwide..and let You Father handle them in mercy and kindness.Put a bubble around us of protection as we follow You Lord.Snap the arms of the baby killers.Stop them and rend their black,cold hearts unto real repentance.Send Your Angels to cover us as other nations seek to deal us destruction.Turn back illegals and dry up their incentives to come here illegally.Make us the salt/light to the world,Amen.

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God…take it to Your enemie’s…and to all who hate those who love You..Just as You call the bird’s to tell them it’s time to go north..time to go south..supernaturally show the Jewish people world wide…it’s time to come home…to Israel.If the rest of us are still here to deal with the enemy before the rapture…give us insight,wisdom,courage,and a Holy boldness.Put judges in places of power here that obey You..not fallen man’s idea’s.Give Trump the victory at every turn.Bless all of us as we bless You and Your Holy Name…Crush the snake……..Amen.