Trump: ‘Faith and Family, Not Government and Bureaucracy, Are the Center of American Life

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  1. dan.w says:

    I thank God for Donald Trump as well…he is God’s man for this hour.My personal belief is that next to president Washington,Mr.Trump is our greatest president so far.He,like Mr.Washington were/are against incredible odd’s.Many real miracle’s could only explain their presidency’s…Pray for our president,God protecting him,giving him favor and wisdom and surrounding him with Godly,qualified people to help him.As re;the sodomite agenda…unfortunately it is gaining ground and has infiltrated the corporate church.I was at a grub mill,[burger joint today],and behind me was what sounded like a homosexual and ‘a friend’ talking…however,it was ‘church talk’.I didn’t try to hear the conversation,but they were right behind me.I thought at first it was two liberal’s about to reveal their plan’s on how to ‘undo’ the church…Much to my was building talk,like the color of carpet kind of thing.What struck me was the ‘effeminate’ tone..I’m not judging to those ‘sensitive’ to this kind of thing…My only thought was….don’t worry about’s only another counterfeit religious christianity conversation.I only hope and pray that the feminine sound’s don’t affect any Christian’s in the area of discernment in a bad way.If my kid’s were being taught by these two ‘men?’…I’d fear for them.Liberace should play piano…not be in an area of influence of church where children are at risk.Father God..please continue the call of total forgiveness for all,including the sexual deviant to Jesus life saving message.Though their heart may be hardened,make a breakthrough and save them ..if possible.We ALL need Your Grace..Lord.

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God…please give us believer’s in Jesus extra discernment.The ‘religionist’s’ are in full force.Religion is what man doe’s..and will not curry favor with God.Jesus railed against religion because it is a counterfeit way of acceptance to the Father.It challenges legitimate authority,and is no substitute for the real thing,which is a ‘relationship’with Jesus,Creator of all thing’s.Religion alway’s throw’s up roadblock’s[stumbling block’s],raises the bar,higher and higher so you can never be sure if you have eternal security,or are saved.It is work’s based,predicated on man’s error which if not caught..will damn a man to Hell…and has for countless million’s..because they have misplaced faith..[faith in a system]not in Christ alone for full atonement…Atonement to me mean’s to be at one with,or in total agreement to.Jesus Christ..all God,all man..paid our sin debt in full.To add or subtract from that fact is injustice done to Him,and Heaven.God made the Gospel simple…It’s satan and man who try to gook it up by making silly requirement’s and other foolish stuff that blind’s the mind’s of men from seeing God’s glorious light…who is Jesus…in simplicity and power…The power to save.

  3. dan.w says:

    Illhan Omar need’s to go oversea’s and be one of 4 or 5 wive’s.Her head is filled with heilium.We need to pray up president Trump.Cuba and Russia/possibly China are helping Maduro …we have to realize how close these enemie’s are to our shore’s..or in their proximity.In the blink of an eye…the U.S could be gone.We don’t have the mean’s to take on this threat,let alone the planned overrun of our border’s.We are..I believe,in the early to mid throw’s of WW3..with us as the intended ‘victim’.satan,[with a miniscule ‘s’..]hate’s America.We need to rise up in prayer to combat this evil..and it’s minion’s.Father God..make Trump Your man to show forth righteousness on behalf of You.Yes..he is but a mere man…but You placed him here for this time period.Use him Lord,for Your glory and honor,Amen.