TRUMP UNLEASHES: It’s Time to “Turn the Tables” and Bring Justice to People Who Have Committed Serious Crimes… Spying or Treason

3 Responses

  1. Jackie says:

    True colors are really starting to show with these “pastors” willing to embrace not only homosexuality but the pedophile!

    May God continue to keep us strong in these last days.

  2. dan.w says:

    Thank You Father God for hearing my prayer’s.The ‘mirror of justice’ will turn to reveal the inner working’s of the evil reprobate’s.Please give president Trump every protection from them,every advantage in that he has stood for You,for righteousness in every quarter,tried to protect babie’s from abortion.stood with Israel…and on it go’s.He is Your man for this time.Use him Lord like a harsh whip to the back’s of satan’s minion’s who try to take our country out.Crush them Lord as they hate You and refuse Your offer of mercy,[Christ].Let their jail have no key,the bar’s welded shut on both side’s.Let their jailor’s be their reminder that You O You deal justly..and Your justice is not mocked and it never sleep’s…You say in the Scripture’s that once someone is ‘turned over’ to judgment…do not pray for them..I won’t Lord.I pray also that we who trust You stand strong in You on all front’s.In Christ’s Great Name…Amen…..

  3. dan.w says:

    Father God..please give the conservative’s and Christian’s and patriot’s a REAL spine.Quicken all of us,and position us where we can be of the most and best use for You and for the Kingdom.Use us in the here and now as well,so we can be the salt/light You made us for.Let this be Your day and use us for the Name of Our Savior,Jesus,Amen.