Trump vows to mobilize federal resources in address to nation, makes surprise trip to church that caught fire

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  1. dan.w says:

    It is sad to see how we have fallen.Much of ‘white America’ is appologizing for nothing really..they are just freakish cowards.Not a Godly spine in the bunch.They would kiss the feet of satan in a heartbeat…seeing as they are his children.We need real men and women..with discernment to see this satanic powerplay for what it is…An attempted overthrow of a duly elected president..and the peoples vote..and the constitution..and the rule of law….These people are God haters.If black lives really mattered..then why not for the overwhelmingly numbered black babies aborted????I guess that dosn’t fit the script or agenda.How about the number of black on black crime?..same thing.The press as a whole is a whore….They should be tried and sentenced with the libtards.Only Father God could fix this…Black and white are words the devil uses to destroy.We are NOT races…but nations,tribes ,tongues,people groups.Want racists…see liberal.

  2. dan.w says:

    We know who is funding the overthrow of America.Without naming names…why can’t someone ‘cut off the head of the snake’?….then the followers of this evil idiot will hopefully go back home..because their infernal leaker of a leader will have breathed it’s last.I cannot wait for that person to taste the eternal flame.Devil incarnate…thats who that person is….

  3. dan.w says:

    I will be sending out a letter to the chief of police in my former city…gee..wonder why I left….concerning the protests/riots/treatment of cops….and mans sin nature.Though this chief and some of his officers went along side the protesters…I believe he was dumbfounded about the rising tide of anti cop sentiment.He compared it to Christ being betrayed and crucified.I could see his heartbreak as he really is trying hard as chief.In the letter I had said America was being overthrown because we have forgotten God,and made ourselves..all of us..little ‘gods’ instead and we..all of us need to repent and trust His Son.God bless all of you out there.

  4. dan.w says:

    You can bet everything that hogs the a smokescreen.The big baddies want NWO..and they aren’t waiting for ‘Greta’ to grow up…that in itself is highly unlikely barring her salvation by Christ…..satan..with a little ‘s’ pot stirring.Floyd is a national hero according to the trustworthy and ever faithful and honest media.Him and the pope are neck and neck for sainthood.I think he will win though because of quota’s,political correctness and white guilt.It’s also so odd…seeing a store full of people wearing masks like aliens,with them looking at us like we are…and,seeing a people group shame another one into hating themselves so much..that they transfer that hate to us..and blame us..for being …us..yet they will kiss a dirty old shoe on the foot of a fool.’Shock troops’ for Soro’s…willfully and audibly claiming they want to dismantle our entire society and remake it.Remake it into hell on earth I say.They are of their father the devil.Rebellious and crooked to the bone.Our one of many underestimating them.Timing is everything…and it appears to be on their side..and unlike us ‘cultural’or nominal Christians..they take their marching orders seriously.Christ said to us… take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.I would venture to say..only 1 or 2 % have ever done that…which leaves us where we are now.I wont say white guilt is valid,nor races..there is only one race,..human..but we have ‘dissobeyed Jesus’ NOT preaching the Gospel to them,as a whole..His was a command,not a suggestion.When Jesus comes back for His bride..there are going to be a lot of empty lamps out there.The most fearful words anyone could ever hear will be from Jesus…..Be gone from Me..Ye,who work iniquity…I never knew you….I pray no one reading this will have to hear those fearsome words come from the Creator of all.The Holy Spirit is such that it is near impossible to keep bottled up to ourselves.If we don’t have it,[Him],we can’t share Him…If we have Him..we cannot help but to tell someone….about Jesus,and His power to save.