Tucker Carlson: Chinese Researchers Confirm Coronavirus Linked to Horseshoe Bat Studies at Wuhan Research Institutes

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  1. dan.w says:

    I believe Trump is doing all he can with the ‘tools’ he has at his disposal.This ‘event’…was engineered by satan,put into motion by the NWO deep state globalist cabal..and in my opinion,lining up with Scripture,[God allowed].We are at a place where things will never be the same.No more normal,ever here again.The economy will tank because the outcome was predetermined and the timing was sure.America is in for the fight of her life.Food will become scarcer,people are already like strangers in many ways.Most people sense we are at ‘critical mass’ in many ways.The devil has to ‘deep six’ our dollar to get us to take a digital or other currency so we can be I.D.ed and tracked.All our freedoms are now to become a memory.God gave us a window of time.Question…Did we ,excuse my expression……pee it away….or did we reach others for Jesus with that time.Our time is almost up.I’m pre trib…but that won’t mean many Christian lives won’t be lost because it’s happening elsewhere..and now we see the virulent hatred for Christ and His followers even here.Even so…..Lord Jesus,come.

  2. Linn says:

    I agree with you, Dan w.! And would like to add, that I have never seen a time where more people are open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ than right now. The fields are white unto harvest. I’m praying that the Lord gives people all over the world dreams and visions and that many are saved…I truly believe that we are very, very close to seeing the Lord Jesus face to face! Be Salt and Light, Saints, we’re almost HOME!

  3. dan.w says:

    Along with ‘The virus’…which was engineered for such a time as this…this is a Psy-Ops operation to break down the will of the people….I will give credit where it is due..Brannon Howse mentioned it on his show today,worldviewweekend.This IS a war,and Trump has to say against a virus..but he knows who he really is up against.He has to walk a soft line with our population so they don’t get spooked.One wrong word and you can see people emptying shelves out of fear.He is smart with keeping people home,and off the streets and home from school.In case of an attack from ‘the outside’ or rogue plants..it will be easier to fight back and hopefully less innocent people getting caught up in it.I’m really saddened and disappointed at how blind most of ‘the church’ is.They simple are disconnected spiritually and don’t see,[for the most part],the spiritual battle we are in.There are some great ministries out there as well..this being one of them.We need to be plugged in and busy.Sitting this one out is foolish at best,a sin at worst.It seems burying there heads in the sand,or sick of hearing it,or not interested seems to be where most people are.The NWO is real..and operating at full strength wanting to take the reigns of our country and enslave you and I.If someone tries to ‘chip’ me,or vaccinate me against my will…someone will stop breathing,and it won’t be me.We ARE rushing headlong into the final days…and people are being ‘conditioned’ to love their slave owners…..Sorry satan…Jesus owns me…buzz off.

  4. Gord says:

    One of the many blessings of being a born again Christian is the wisdom and spiritual intuition God pours upon us freely, if you have Gods spiritual discernment than you can see the evil forced lined up against America and the entire Christian west, every curse upon us is significant no matter how small, without wisdom evil can creep up on us, it truly amazes me how Lucifer can hide his true intentions by sugar coating everything, like trying to convince us godlessness is a good thing and should be tolerated because that makes us all better people.
    Look where our tolerance for evil has gotten us, we have an enemy openly mocking us and threatening war because we dare to question their motives, China is hoping we all lay down and die like good little sheep before the slaughter, yes, we are at the brink of war, Christians fought and died during the II World War and it looks like we’ll have to again, only this time the enemy has us in a stranglehold, physically and financially, may God grant us strength and the courage needed to defeat our foes…’God Bless America and May God Bless President Trump’!