Two More Clinton Foundation Witnesses Dead From “Arkanside”

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  1. danw says:

    I used to believe the clintons were super smart and super evil to get away with all those murders scot free..and no news stories about it,no accountability.I’ve wised up and now believe that evil is like an onion,with many,many layers.They,though evil,are not that smart to pull off stuff like this.There is not only a ‘hit team’,but a ‘cabal’ of sorts.This is really deep illiminati,MK Ultra,world domination stuff,right fron satan itself.The clintons probably have been groomed for this,like Bob Hope,and Henry Kissinger,etc.When the devil is done with them,he[it] will be miles away doing more garbage…and everyone who cares will be scratching their heads..totally clueless about it all….because it is spiritual in nature and function.We, most of us..not you bro.John/sis Georgeann….are [surface dwellers]…who only want blips,newsfeeds,soundbites,then move on…its kinda sad. Can’t wait for the Lord to deal with this…..only He can.

  2. KimW says:

    Danw, so right you are about the Clintons.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve never read a testimony from a born again ex-pedophile ? From what I have discovered once you allow this type of sin into your life you are doomed.
    Do you think that Moshe Dayan wondered to his dying day why he gave away the Temple Mount ? Not realizing that he was being used of GOD ?
    John & Georgann, thank you for all of your hard work to bring the truth to light.

  3. Scott Dewey says:

    John, I have known of you since watching a Prophecy Club presentation in 1998. I have never taken the time to contact you (Would love to meet you some day soon) but want you to know that I deeply appreciate all that you do and stand for. We are of the same stripe. I have your books and the story of your dad is on it’s way. Your news comments draw me to prayer and my spirit identifies with yours.