U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebel Commander: ‘Israel Is An Enemy Country;’ Assad and Hizballah ‘Israeli Collaborators

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  1. Catherine says:

    Mr. Meotti must have been reading your posts, brother John. It’s about time people see that once the Muslims and the Homosexual Leftists are done dominating the Christians, they will inevitably turn on each other.

  2. Catherine says:

    I also find it ironic that Obama is “outraged” by the deaths of the “innocent” Syrian children, but actually pays the murderers of the innocent American children in the womb.

  3. I agree and also feel this chaos will not lead to a war now…however it could be a catalyst to have Israel sign a (the?) peace agreement for 7 years. This whole scenario of all militaries from the ‘big’ countries could have just been one great big globalist ruse to distract from something else. If this is true than what we are to be kept in the dark about must be HUGE!…Stay tuned and cling to the Lord since he is Light and can shine in the darkest of places and read the hearts of men…Those who are running this ‘show’ will be held accountable to God Himself….I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes or ‘high heels’…Maranatha

  4. Barbara in VA says:

    It has finally happened. The whole world is upside down and wrong side out–good is evil and evil is good. I am sick at heart and tremendously saddened by most news items. The homosexual issue really started years ago and the LGBT agenda was introduced into the public school system and has grown to be a giant. My daughter and her husband are fostering two teen-age girls with the goal of adoption. My daughter told me recently that when the subject of homosexuality comes up, the girls see absolutely nothing wrong with it and cannot understand the Christian viewpoint at all. These girls have no background of “family” and of course no Christian background, so their mindset is from their peers and their public school indoctrination. She has asked for prayer that she and her husband will be able to witness in a positive way to these two girls.

    I said the above to point out my observation that it is not just unchurched youth with no family ties that have this viewpoint. There seems now to be at least one whole generation of youth that have grown up in the public schools that have been taught to accept as OK whatever anyone believes about anything unless it is a solid Christian viewpoint. The only viewpoint that is now under total attack is a Biblical viewpoint. This article that I just read has made me realize how far gone our country is:


    God help us all!

    Psalm 91:4
    King James Version (KJV)

    4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.


  5. Mary E. says:

    Well said, Catherine. I was going to post the same sentiment. And what about the obvious casualties that will occur during a bombing? It won’t be Assad who gets hit, but the innocents.

    Here’s the newest lie coming from the MSM. If Obama doesn’t get congressional approval, the credit status of the U.S. will be dropped to an even lower level than it is now. Folks, the MSM are scrambling to find some kind of justification to back the president….anything! As Oliver North said in an interview, “They’re (Obama, Kerry, etc.) making it up as they go”.

  6. Heidi Coomer says:

    I am now reading your book, ‘As America Has Done to Israel’. When do you believe that the church will be raptured, before tribulation, during, or after. I am just curious as I’ve heard many opinions. I trust yours, and would like to know what you believe. Thanks in advance,


  7. Janine says:

    Jeremiah 6:16-19
    Thus says the Lord:
    “Stand in the ways and see,
    And ask for the old paths, where the good way is,
    And walk in it;
    Then you will find rest for your souls.
    But they said, ‘We will not walk in it. ’
    Also, I set watchmen over you, saying,
    ‘Listen to the sound of the trumpet! ’
    But they said, ‘We will not listen. ’
    Therefore hear, you nations,
    And know, O congregation, what is among them.
    Hear, O earth!
    Behold, I will certainly bring calamity on this people—
    The fruit of their thoughts,
    Because they have not heeded My words
    Nor My law, but rejected it.

  8. Pamela says:

    Obama is being exposed… but only to those who have eyes to see. His supporters seem to have drunk some more Koolaid. Their delusion about him seems to be fixed. My parents are commited liberal “Christian” Obama supporters and still blame George Bush. Even this situation is laid on Bush. In “Stepford” type fashion there is no ability to criticize or find fault with Obama. It’s spooky to listen to them defend him… the delusion is very strong.

    This President is completely self absorbed and the only thing reliable about him is that he will put himself above all concerns. And is constantly positioning everything to be able to blame someone else. There is no more “leader” of the free world. Seems like there is no more free world at all. Only politics and power grabbing.

    I don’t know how people can function without Jesus. If not for His peace my heart would fail me. I see war coming quickly. Our government looks so feckless and weak… shows no real guts or wisdom. No backbone, spineless to the point of pleading for a crumb of support. I see the cat licking his chops for a nice fat meal. Vladimir Putin has everything we needed in a leader. Moxy, savy, guts, boldness, purpose, leadership. I bet the last thing Putin would do is blame Medvedev or any other politicitan for anything. Don’t agree w/ him but sure admire some of his traits.

  9. Heidi says:

    Thanks for responding to my question. I have truly enjoyed your book and have told all my friends to read it. I am praying along with you and thankful that my eyes are open to the truth. Thanks for letting God use you in a time when so many are afraid to speak truth.

  10. Denise says:

    I love any song by Casting Crowns, but this one has been playing in my heart a lot lately. It succinctly says what’s happened to our country. I get goosebumps when I hear it.

    If We Ever Needed You

    Hear our cry, Lord, we pray
    Our faces down, our hands are raised
    You called us out, we turned away
    We’ve turned away

    With shipwrecked faith the idols rise
    We do what is right in our own eyes
    Our children now will pay the price
    We need Your light, Lord, shine Your light

    If we’ve ever needed You
    Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now
    We are desperate for Your hand
    We’re reaching out, we’re reaching out

    All our hearts, all our strength
    With all our minds, we’re at Your feet
    May Your kingdom come in our hearts and lives
    Let Your church arise, let Your church arise

    If we’ve ever needed You
    Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now
    We are desperate for Your hand
    We’re reaching out, we’re reaching out
    We’re reaching out

    If we’ve ever needed You
    Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now
    We are desperate for Your hand
    We’re reaching out, we’re reaching out

    If we’ve ever needed You
    Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now
    We are desperate for Your hand
    We’re reaching out, reaching out

    We need You now
    Revive us now
    We need You now


  11. dan.w says:

    You know we are in trouble when communist leaders look more American,[act that way too],than our own paperless tiger.Obama is virtually unstoppable because he’s the ‘man for the hour’.Jesus who is from everlasting has a valid record of his physical birth,but not ‘our ‘ guy in the big seat…A ‘borrowed s.s. number as well.That is why I stick to my personal belief that ‘he’ Barry Soetoro is God’s whip for a nation who turned it’s back on Him,and is drinking from ‘broken sisterns’.He is a perfect reflection of a debauched nation.On the upside..we belong to Christ.That final statement trumps all the devils tricks. God bless you all in the name of Christ,Dan.w

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