U.S. Naval Academy Offers Satanic Temple Study Group for Midshipmen

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  1. dan.w says:

    People make the same mistakes because unrepentant reprobates repeat history while they revise it.Sin likes to,at first hide..then when it is full to the top..comes out in a massive in God’s face pride display of arrogance and rebellion.We are past the tipping point.There are no signs needed for the rapture to occur.There are no signs needed for God to wipe our nation out like a clean slate neither.We have every sin in spades here.I can’t walk out the door without tripping over a homosexual/lesbian/trans..or a drug user.The Christian church is no where ,[almost]..to be found.I know there are believers out there….there’s got to be.Secular culture absorb’s all the good,and the bad get’s to reproduce.There are people who need to hear of Jesus…but short of Godly T.V and sites like this one..are any individual’s doing ANYTHING to reach them?Who will miss us when we are gone?..or are we gone already……islam whets the sword…

  2. dan.w says:

    I only do posts like these with a heavy heart.There are so many lost out there..and the workers seem very few.I’ve had ‘religion’ up to my eyeballs..and it is the greatest blinder of men as pride is.Somewhere,people just are missing the message and the person of Christ.They may be at church physically…but many are spiritually dull or worse yet,not born again,which makes them dead in God’s eye’s.They have little/no concern for the Lord’s harvest,His call on their live’s..or the destiny that await’s them or anyone else who ‘blows off’ God…and ignore’s Christ and His free gift of salvation.The Lord has equipped everyone with at least one gift..not including their ‘just showing up’All we have to do is first be His…then ‘show up’.Christ said He will build His Church.If He doesn’t use us,He will use someone who is willing.The whole salvation story in miniature is on the hill of the 3 crosses.In the center,the Savior.On either side were criminals.One bowed the knee[in his heart],the other mocked Jesus.Which one of those criminals was saved,and which was lost?Which one more closely resemble’s the modern day church…… You have to know brother John..I know you are full throttle for our Lord.May God bless you for all you are in the Body of Christ.My hope and prayer is…that other’s would see the direction you are going,and the mission you are set on..and want to come along side as faithful believer’s in any way the Lord choose’s.God bless you my friend.

  3. dan.w says:

    The navy was formed as a direct result of pirates extorting us as a young nation.Islam was a big part of what we were fighting.Now we are fighting them again only with satanic worship allowed in the naval academy..how can God bless us or….why should He continue to protect us.Until we turn from our wickedness..the heavy hand of God will be against us.Satan rebel’s against the Creator..and we know the finality of that outcome.Must we be ‘stupid’…and follow the fallen one to the pit?Some say education is the answer…WRONG!..Educate a fool and you only embolden them with better weapon’s…I say,humility before our Creator,then,ask for Godly wisdom.Therein lie’s the true answer.If we are not at Jesus feet,then we are under satan’s.