UN General Assembly votes in favor of Palestinian statehood

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  1. TJ says:

    It is easy to give into fear in seeing all this, but God has made promises to Israel that are solid. He will not brake His promises. We need to continue to go to God in intercession for Israel. God will yet provide his defense for them even if no one else does. The UN defied the living God today and it will come back to bite them. It’s true that we may have to go through it, but God is able to deliver us, wether in life or in death. Be prepared!Whatever happens, we must stay anchored in Jesus and look to His coming. You are spot on as usual John. We intercede for you in our home and in the ministry the Lord has given us.

  2. Brian says:

    Palestinian Arabs have a dubious history, told smartly by Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post:

    A Few Notable Anniversaries on the Palestinians’ Big Day

    Let’s not draw the wrong conclusion, though, to hate these people. We need to pray for them. God loves them dearly, just as He loves you and me, and does not wish to see any perish, but for them to come to saving grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Just because the Bible suggests that Palestinians as a people come to an ignoble end in the Psalm 83 war does not mean you or I should not pray that many, many individual Palestinians would be saved prior to the coming bloodshed.

  3. Scot says:

    So tell me how is God going to judge the UN with this shamfoolery?

  4. Born Again says:

    * Possible scenario: Since Israel and the Palestinians cannot seem to negotiate a two-state solution, then the UN will draft their own resolution to force it upon Israel; this resolution will contain terms that Israel is to return to the pre-1967 borders, even though Israel has stated that those borders are indefensible. Now, it’s my understanding that any one member of the permanent five member states of the UN Security Council could veto that resolution and it would not pass; it only takes one veto from any member to stop a resolution and those members are: China, the United Kingdom, France, Russia and the US. In the past, Israel could count on the US to stand with it and veto such a measure; but, with Obama as the president of the US, he is just the type who would vote against Israel — and thus vote to force Israel into giving up their God-given land. Therefore, Israel will be forced not to abide by the UN resolution which will infuriate the world — particularly the Arab countries and Russia. This will eventually bring about the the war of Gog and Magog as they come down to take a spoil from Israel. But, woe unto them!

    * Disclaimer: This is a possible scenario only.

  5. Countries supporting Israel – Canada, Czech Republic, marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauro, Palau, Panama, US. If this is not a joke. One whole European country. After weeks of being under attack, the world supports the arabs.

  6. What a revolting development it was to see that the UN sided for the Palestinian statehood.
    I know that our Lord has everything in His control but I only wish that He would take action that would be personal to each UN member that voted for this. It is the only thing that will work. They have all kinds of reasons for what happens to a nation but when it happens within their own families, they take notice.
    I pray that God in His almighty wisdom would curse each of these members personally and give a blessing to each one that voted against it.
    But this is just my opinion.
    Grandma Dorothy