Uncovering Corruption in Perry County, Pennsylvania Part 2 (The Incident)

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  1. dan.w says:

    Dear brother John.I have some contact information for you..hope you can use it.In regards to the nursing home staff trampling on your God given rights under the constitution.The man to contact to help in this case would be Mat Staver from liberty counsel.He is a pastor and a lawyer with a great track record and doe’s excellent work.Please consult him to fix the abuses you and the residents received regarding your first amendment rights,religious freedom,freedom of lawful assembly,etc.This is not a defeat for you as a Christian,this isn’t Christian VS Christian..you are just demanding your complete rights provided to you by the constitution.Mat’s contact info is Mat Staver,liberty counsel.ph.(407)875-1776,or E-mail him at:[email protected] God bless you brother John,let me know if I can do more,Dan.w

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God,please be with brother John and the residents at that nursing home.Remove any obstacles which would hinder their safety,and of getting the Gospel out and ministering to them Your truth..I ask this in Jesus great Name…Amen. If you have any other requests brother John,just ask,Dan.w