Unhinged Retired Admiral and Clinton Loyalist Calls for Coup of President Trump

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  1. dan.w says:

    Thank you brother John for a way to interact with people who don’t yet know the real Jesus.I once was there,so I know how important it is to keep communication lines open for them.We may disagree with them on many things..but one thing is for sure.We all could experience death,[some exceptions possible as you know from the Bible]..One things for sure.NO ONE will escape the stare and scrutiny of Jesus Christ,Creator.There is NO way around Him.HE IS the central theme,person,character of Scripture and History.He was before there was a was..spoke all things into existence..as holds everything together by His power,even now.I was a reprobate…but He saved me.I refuse to give up on all the ‘other reprobates looking in’…because they need Him..just as I did,[do].Father God..make a way to save these people who don’t yet know You.Do a mighty work on their behalf in mercy Lord.Help them know You,Amen.

  2. dan.w says:

    I find it more than irony,that the demoncat’s,i.e. socialist’s cry about Trump saying ‘lynching’…when the demon party was the actual party who carried out the real lynching’s.My,my…short memorie’s?,..historical revisionism?…aspertame?…or just plain brain dead….. just a thought….

  3. JohnMcTernan says:

    Amen, right on

  4. dan.w says:

    Brother John..I’m sure you receive plenty of post’s that are filled with anger and vitriol/hate that you may not put on because it may be counter to your ministry.Do you see the love of many growing cold as I do?I said ‘hi’ today to a person walking their dog…they walked by like I was invisible…had someone yesterday just miss me after I gave out a Jesus video to young worker across the street who fertilized my lawn for winter.There was no car there,I checked…I’m halfway across the street and a vehicle speeding at me at 35-40+ came from literally nowhere,[inspired by the horned one I suppose]…I kept walking,with my hand out,calmly finished crossing.God had His angel protect me,not looking up..as I’m sure the guy who got the video from me probably though he saw a miracle.I never turned around.My though…he’s gonna watch that movie. Moral of the story. the devil leaves alone those who are already lost because he already has them.If you are doing the work the Lord has for you…expect resistance…from ‘beezle BOB’..but also a blessing from the Lord.If I die…let it be while I was faithful…following Him.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      What I think is happening is the leftist are filling up with hate because
      of President Trump. The hate is eating them up.

  5. dan.w says:

    I believe that to be true as well.When ‘obummer’ was in for 8 long years..people wore his t-shirts,hats,etc..and while it made many stomachs wretch,mine included..we let them alone.If someone wears Trump wear..they can almost expect the worst.People are fickle by nature,easily misled..and now besides being brainwashed by the commie.islam connection,..have a hair trigger.I believe they are programmed ‘soldiers’..much like Russ Dizdar ,expert researcher has explained.These may be a part of satans future ‘shock troops.’As you have repeatedly warned all of us about..is coming to pass.The warnings are real and hold true.We as the Body of Christ need to walk carefully,and circumspectly in these very,very evil days..trusting 100% in Jesus Christ as our all sufficiency…We should live as God’s prize…and not become the evil ones fools and spoils of war.’ We are safe and secure in Jesus.God bless you brother John.