URGENT!!! Attack on Military Chaplains by the Hard Left

6 Responses

  1. Terry says:

    Never heard of Forrest Harris, nor of the American Baptist, but he’s an absolute idiot

  2. claire says:

    how can these people call themselves Christians when they are absolutely spitting in God’s face, and calling themselves ‘loving and tolerant’ ?
    I’m glad my pastor refuses to cave in to what the culture dictates and stays true to preaching the Word of God.
    And God bless Lt Cmdr. Modder .

  3. Irene C says:

    Watching the downfall of my country is difficult to do. I’m seeing things I never dreamed would happen. Our people, especially our youth are being mislead and deceived by a church that’s not part of the Church. Matthew 7:20 “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” We live in a country that was blessed. When she finally falls, it will be with a thunderous crash. We who have been watching, will know it’s coming. For the rest, they will be shaking their fists at God and trying to fix it themselves. I am grieved at what I’m seeing but I also know that this is not my home. I’m only a very weary traveler.


  4. mama bear says:

    The great apostasy is here..we are living just before Christ comes..today is the day of Salvation.. pray without ceasing and stay in the Word so we won’t become confused, but many dont..If they don’t stand with truth, G-d said HE would send a lie and they would believe it.. As you heard, the pope is stepping down, said that he will die or be killed and now we see the last pope coming..Peter the Great..wake up people..we have long ago..shalom

  5. Dan.w says:

    Every chance I get,I try to show people it’s not religion that saves us,but a person.Religion grades on a curve,like politics..comparing men to men.Politics will eventually let you down,as religion will.Religion is just another way of saying,I disregard God’s way and will take my own.Adam and Eve covered themselves in fig leaves..religion.Cain knew of the sacrifice required but did it his own way[religion], all the while knowing what God wanted.More people will die and go into a Christless eternity because of religion.it’s a faulty by design roadmap.When we take the Lord at face value and believe all He say’s.we will be safe.This is a constant.Jesus is the only way to the Father.Believe Him in all He say’s and requires..you will be safe,[saved].

  6. Dan.w says:

    The American church,with a small ‘c’,has been bait and switched long ago.I realize there are fantastic pastors out there preaching truth…,but when did bricks and mortar replace flesh..when did a man in an expensive looking bathrobe become God’s mouthpiece/our head?..When did a wafer hang on a Cross for me?How can all roads lead to God?How can homosexuality and true Christianity serve together and be agreed?You can see the lunacy in all this right?As the Bible declares.we are seeing a departing from the faith.People are made warm and comforted in their pews,while the great commission becomes the great omission.We stopped being ‘Fishers of men’,and now we whore after the world.Thousands if not millions daily pass off the scene without ever meeting Jesus because we may have missed or ignored the Holy Spirit’s prompting.Let’s get serious with God and get back on the right path.There are soul’s to be won for the kingdom.When we stand before the Lord,no excuse will be convincing enough to Him about our lack of love for the lost.Someone stepped out of their comfort zones to reach out and tell us.why can we not do the same?Dear Father God…kick us in the rear,awaken us to Your reality,and the mission you called us for.Use us greatly.for Your Kingdom,in Jesus name,Amen.