URGENT HEALTH UPDATE: John McTernan Insights Blog: April 6, 2021

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  1. dan.w says:

    Just like Jesus foresaw..ethnic group against ethnic group,nation against nation.The globalista are blood sucking evil doers that will stop at nothing until the Lord Himself stops it.We were shown powerless against the tide of abortion,sexual perversion,and such things that would have made real Nazi’s blush,[if that was possible].Blubbering Joe sockpuppet is a joke..and a distraction from the real deal..the killing machine running towards all of humanity right now in real time.Eugenics is the ‘Zietgeist’ order of the day…spirit of the age..and what a wicked one it is.We have our heroe’s..brother John,you are one of them.Alex Jones is one,so is Sherri Tenppeny,[Dr.].We have great people sounding the alarms.Wake up mankind..there is a war on..for your souls.