2 Responses

  1. Eric Joned says:

    The cup of God’s wrath is beginning to overflow. Only the church can intercede before God. Many Christians are, but why so few? I know too many who’s minds are full of secular TV and media instead of the word of God. Many don’t believe all of God’s word but read it selectively. Who will stand in the gap? I will. Who else?

  2. danw says:

    Father God…thank you for saving us by faith alone in Christ alone.Thank you for giving us time to witness to others.I pray as interceding on behalf of Florida,and America in general,that all of us would get on our knee’s before you,and ask for mercy.I’m not asking that you ignore our sin’s,but give us a tender,merciful,contrite heart,toward’s you,and others.Let us reach others for Christ before it is done.I personally repent before you now,forgive me Lord.Please give America a repentant heart,a real one,..and if in your will,spare Florida,Amen.