Urgent: Massive Earthquake Swarm and Hurricane

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  1. Rosalee says:

    Roe v. Wade pretty much was the beginning of the end as far as I am concerned. The wholesale slaughter of innocent children. I forget how many we have murdered. We also give half a billion to Planned Parenthood that no only condones the murder of children but now is involved in sex selection. It all reminds me of Germany in the 30s.
    Our military has now been infiltrated.
    Nothing is sacred any longer.
    I fear for our nation. We have wandered so far.

  2. Joni says:

    Interesting John, the 7 comes into play again. Just like Katrina. I will always remember where I was when Katrina happened, I was in San Diego, watching my son Joel graduate from USMC Bootcamp.
    This is what is being written about the swarm of earthquakes in So Cal.
    “The last major swarm was in 2005, following a magnitude-5.1 quake”
    It’s easy to see really, so many 7’s all the time, and so many 11’s for rebellion and judgement.
    I don’t know about anyone else on the blog, but I have been stuck in a swarm of chaos for a month now, utter chaos. Can hardly see through it all.
    We all know where chaos originates from, I wish the enemy would give me a break.
    I am now fighting “SUPER FLEAS’ I have never seen anything like it, from the heat. My poor 3 little dogs, so far 2 different brands of the poison that I hate to use on them has not worked. The fleas are immune to the Frontline now.
    And I have tried all things natural too. Now they are eating garlic, brewers yeast, and Apple Cider Vinegar in their water to boot, still fleas, the back yard, covered.
    Trying to avoid poisons after the cancer, may have to resort to it for the yard, a cold freeze could be aways out there.
    Pests and Pestilences, you don’t have to convince me of ANY OF THIS, I wonder why so many cannot see???
    God Bless us all,
    PS Thank you Mrs. CJB, hope all is well.

    • Hi Joni: John’s past two posts have just about overwhelmed my mind! Praise God, we can depend on Him to quide and protect us if we stay close to Him.

      What I’m responding to in your post is your flea problem. Have you ever heard of diatomaceous earth? It is a natural product and is even safe for humans to use internally but it is death to insects. It is also inexpensive and can be found in some local stores. Just Google it and you will see that this will probably take care of the fleas and ticks, etc. It can be used on your pets and in your yard. Here is one link that explains all the properties of this product: http://www.earthworkshealth.com/

      God bless you and Maranatha!

    • if the fleas haven’t completely cleared up – use Borax ( 3 mule team ) laundry soap. $ 3.00 per box – spinkle on carpets , furniture and pets – leave overnight and sweep away the fleas after. Had a big problem after moving to a wooded area. Currently have 6 dogs – problem has never returned. I don’t use front line either. Let’s keep our focus on Jesus ! He is coming soon. God Bless and keep you.

  3. TJ Darbe says:

    We had a small earth tremor here in Colorado Springs last week. Rare and not reported. We are in prayer for our nation and our churches. Pray for Israel and for the light of Christ to shine in her people and her protection.

  4. C. Burt says:

    We are having trimmers in E. Texas, enough to cracked patio slabs and shake the cupboards. Between the drought and the later torential rains walls in my home are cracking.

    Katrina was a warning which went unheaded. Katrina folks got to take a suitcase and what they could carry on buss in the other hand, Just like those in the Gaza strip were ordered to do to evacuate for “their safety” then their homes were razed to the ground, and four hours later Katrina went to the level she hit N. Orleans with. Only those backing Israel were spared somewhat in their possessions.

    Go figure. Our nation has turned her back on Israel then signed her death warrent.. If you don’t believe God is a tad mad over this, just sit back and do nothing. You are about to experience the ride of your life.. so much so you will wish you had listened to God long ago.

    Israel will not die!! Her salvation came from the Lord, and in the end, she will come unto HIM and HE is going to protect her from all who have or intend her harm.. She is HIS chosen, I was adopted into the bloodline as were many. Hear this profit… before you won’t get another chance to.

  5. joni i had the flea problem til i thought it would make my dog and i both crazy, we switched from frontline to advantx and results were remarkable..no fleas. blessings ! i have israel flag along with u. s. flying from my house keeping both lifted high

  6. Dan .w says:

    It’s encouraging to see that other believers out there care.You folks are the [real]church.Most people out there,including the formal institutionalized ‘church’,see none of what is going on worldwide with plague,pestilence,earthquakes,ect.It is all around but the spiritually blinded are too busy loving this present world system,and playing footsie with it.I can tell that sister Joni is so barraged by the enemy,she could almost quote the book of JOB..Hang in there sister.I know it may sound glib,and I’m sure my suffering isn’t even a shadow compared with yours…I keep thinking about how this present suffering is not to be compared to the Glory that is to be revealed perhaps very soon.We suffer with you,because you are our sister,valuable and loved in the Body of Christ.Please look above all that the enemy wants to sidetrack and distract you with..he wants you to see your pain,..and not Christ.We can’t take our eyes off of Jesus…when we do,we start to sink like Peter.Lets fasten our attention on the One who made us,and custom made the cross to fit our particular shoulders.Jesus is faithful..and is right there with you in your greate st hours,days,weeks months,years…of need.We see this world spinning like an unbalanced wheel,all sanity has gone out the window…But for the believer in Christ,we have a wonderful Hope,and a glorious future…that no one can steal or take from us.and our suffering,brutal as it may feel,pales in the light of Christ’s suffering for us…What a Savior…..We have real…hope. God bless you Joni,and my other brothers/sisters.Dan.w

  7. joni reguarding the fleas , try borax it is safe and can also be sprinkled on carpet and furniture it will kill the fleas .use it in warm water to bathe the dogs

  8. Rich says:

    Hurricane Isaac is scheduled to make landfall 7 years to the day after Katrina at about the same place.

  9. It’s interesting to know that this hurricane is scheduled to hit New Orleans exactly 7 years to the day that Hurricane Katrina hit our shores. There is something you may not be aware of. This Wednesday in the French Quarter of New Orleans, a festival called Southern Decadence is scheduled to begin, just as it was when hurricane Katrina hit. This is a homosexual event known to be one of the most vile, perverse and ungodly events in our nation. Its 5 days of public display of sexual acts, ludeness, debauchery, drugs and drunkenness.Most of these things take place out in the streets during this festival, and are so debase they cannot even be mentioned, and are also illegal. Sadly, it seems the city of New Orleans is willing to turn a blind eye as they take in approximately $125 million dollars. I find it hard to believe that after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, this city could just go on with business as usual. How very, very sad. It seems they have completely lost all fear of God.PLEASE PRAY that the convicting power of the Holy Spirit would descend upon this city, these people and upon our entire nation. Please do not just pray for mercy, but rather PRAY for repentance, PRAY that God would open up their eyes to see how great their sin and how great their need is for God! . PRAY He would bring them to their knees! PRAY for a Great Awakening! As Abraham Lincoln said, “Genuine Repentance will lead to mercy.” and as God’s word says in Proverbs 28:13 He who covers his sin will not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them, will find mercy.
    Of Hebrew originיִצְחָק Yitschaq
    Psalm 2:1-5 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, 3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. 4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision. 5 Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.
    I Was Bron & Raise In New Orleans, LA

  10. Rev Eskine,
    You are so right! Repentance is needed. God is able to do far more than we ask or think, if we would only come together in unity and Believe. The Holy Spirit could fall on all of them, in the midst of their drunkeness or even lewd acts and cause a heavey fear of God to overtake them. He’s done it many a time in History, but He moves in response to prayer. If we think everything is already written and must happen a certain way, we’ll never pray. Or we may pray but not with faith. Its faith that moves God. We have to greatly desire what we are praying for. Its the fervant prayer of a righteous man that availeth much. So then of course we must be living right ourselves, not just preaching to others, but living what we preach. There is so much power God has made available to those who house His Holy Spirit, but the church today hasn’t got a clue, of what God would do for them and through them, if they’d only believe His word and act like it. If we want to see a change in this nation, repentance will move Gods hand more than anything else. And that goes for Christians too. Maybe even more than the others. Yes, repentance is key.

  11. “If you live in Southern California or the Gulf Coast, please take action.” What “action” would the writer recommend?

  12. Sparrow says:

    I still wonder why San Francisco has been spared so far. They are ground zero for homosexual bahavior.

    Joni- I’m praying for the flea problem. I know how bad it can be and I don’t even have a dog!

    • admin says:

      Be very patient as judgment day for this city will come.
      I believe when it comes it will be sooooo massive that the city and California will never recover.
      It will be the end and that is why God is holding back judgment.

  13. Is there anything happening in the city that the DNC is meeting ? I would think that dedicating an entire morning or day to Allah would have to have far worse consequences than Southern Decadance. Or would it be a matter of ” you got what you asked for?”

  14. BHunt says:

    Hi, I looked up the name “Isaac”, and it means to laugh!!! I think God is laughing at the plans man makes….not general Christans, but at the Southern Decadence Festival, also the pagan Queen that they worship and support in New Orleans.. few of my friends confirmed that the Holy Spirit had spoke of Isaac wh he was just around CUBA…… If you have not gotten the book “The Harbinger ” by Jonathan Cahn, you.need. He is a rabbi and knows what God told him to write this, you can order it from pray for Isreal, time is getting short….pray for people to hear God in America, repentance is what we need. Also praying for all those people who are leaving hete, America and going to join in IDF Isreal’s training to help with what is coming soon with the nations that are coming after Isreal…Iran, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, West Bank etc, God is watching and waiting, warning before his wrath comes along w judgement…this does include the USA…..

  15. God Bless you Dr John.
    Many people refuse to believe the things we are seeing are God’s warnings to us to repent and of judgements to follow. People often think they need just one more sign before they can believe. It reminds me of when Jesus was on the cross the people said ” If he be the King of Israel, let him now come down from the cross, and we will believe him.” ( Matt 27:42) or in the story of the rich man and Lazarus where in hell the rich man wants to have someone reach his lost brothers and says in Luke 16 “but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.”
    I think it’s time we all just start believing what the Lord is showing us and realize that He is holy and He cannot tolerate sin and He has done everything necessary to save each of us. We don’t want to wait for any more disasters to come before we will believe.
    Also, Dr John , I go by the name NorthernSparrow and I noticed there is another person commenting going by the name Sparrow – hope that is not too confusing for anyone. So I’ll sign my comments ( NorthernSparrow from Canada ) now to be more clear.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the supporting email.
      I think the other Sparrow is from Kanasas

    • Mary E. says:

      I was reading the exact scriptures you quoted,just the other day ! I had been praying about all of the skeptics who have flooded this blog,repeating the same mantras…God is a God of love,Christians are judgemental,etc.,etc. I was also reminded of the story of Noah (even unbelievers know that one) and how the warning was sounded,all to no avail. We see the same thing happening now. There are many Christians that I know who refuse to believe that God is judging this country. I agree with what you say,that God is a HOLY God and demands the same from those who say they have accepted His son,Jesus. How wonderful that we serve a God who loves the world enough to send warning after warning,so that many can repent and come into His presence and under His protection.
      Shalom to Canada!

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