URGENT: Progressive pagan ‘Christians’ declared war on real believers

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  1. dan.w says:

    This is exactly why I’ve been issuing a ‘clarion call’ for real believers to get serious with the Lord and our mandate,[Holy calling] of reaching the lost.If someone waits to do it ‘someday’..it will never happen..and our destruction is on the way.I believe God knows our hearts and total future..and see’s ‘wholesale’!!we are NOT serious about Him or the lost.All of us lose because of this.If I could cut the ‘dead weight; that is sabotaging ‘our ship’,as it were…I’d cut the ropes and let the anchors fall.It is lukewarm laodecian believers that wreck it for everyone.Lost sinners need an alterative message…one that laughing boy Joel Olsteen is NOT delivering,nor many of our families in Christ.PLEEEEEZE…people…time is up.Do your homework..see what the outcome is for playing games with the Lord.Christian is an action word.

  2. dan.w says:

    Thank you brother John.If I had my way..I’d be the guy giving away cotton candy..and lollipops….I’m not a prophet..but know what the Scriptures declare.There IS a payday coming.Sin has a payday..[The WAGES of SIN is DEATH!!!].emphesis mine.The weeping prophets wept for the people because they didn’t believe ‘payday’ was coming to them.Faithfulness to the Lord will be rewarded by the Lord.The other ‘reward’,if you could call it that..is full payment for evil.Omission and co-mission are red flags to God.They bring attention to you,from the Lord.The Lord Jesus is our Rock.When we trust Him..we stand on the Rock..when people reject Him..the Rock crushes them to fine powder without remedy.Same Rock..differing outcomes….God bless all of you LIVING Saints.

  3. dan.w says:

    I was listening to a ministry on radio the other day.I believe in that ministry.I’m NOT about tearing one down over differing takes on some things,so it will remain nameless[.The host said Christianity is an institution].No.It is NOT even a religion.In it’s truest sense…..Christianity is THE person of Jesus Christ.When we make it a ‘mere’ religion..we take it down to man’s level and definition.It then just becomes ‘one of many’religions in the marketplace of religions..and hence has become ‘demoted’.It is Not an institution either,because it would further fall to that of a ‘club’,like boy scouts,the moose lodge,etc.Jesus Christ is high and lifted up.There is really no way to put a proper handle on perfect holiness…but we do a grave disservice to Christ,[God in Flesh]..when we put Him on par with earthly things or definitions which will soon pass away.The next time someone calls Christianity…a ‘religion’..I challenge you to challenge that individual.Give them a proper defining of real Christianity.It is a ‘person,[Jesus]..not a club,institution,or a religion.Religion is what man doe’s.Salvation is WHO Jesus is.