US ex-intelligence chief on ISIS rise: It was ‘a willful Washington decision

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  1. Johannes, Norway says:

    Vladimir Putin’s electronic warfare in Ukraine worries the USA and NATO.
    This new weapon knocks out communication, GPS equipment and makes modern expensive weapon systems useless.
    Could by the way Putin be the leader of Gog’s campaign? (Swedish)

  2. Dan.w says:

    We are where we are because ‘nature’ abhors a vacuum.Godly men and women have abandoned their posts as salt and light in each generation in increasing numbers.Spiritual infancy and blindness has infected the church to a large degree.We have become man centered instead of Christ centered.We now see the ‘fruit’ of going awol.satan and his followers,including many ‘churched’ individuals not saved,are ruling the roost.Two kingdoms grow up side by side.The wheat and tares are easy to tell apart now because the fields are ripe unto harvest.Many who have claimed Christ’s name have been sidelined or rendered ineffective because the evil one has duped them.To them I say,if you are truly saved,you will care and you are free to ask Jesus for a fresh start.He can still use you for His Kingdom.C’mon..get back to your calling.and be a tool in the hand of the Master,instead of a Christian filled with regret,living on past glories.C’mon back.All of us welcome you back.with love and encouragement,and open arms.God bless you….you are welcome here..and needed.

  3. Irene C says:

    My daughter was in town the other day and she was telling me about a couple of trips she wants to take with me next year. I was excited about that because we used to travel together several years ago and since my husband doesn’t like traveling, we would take short trips together. Then I have to remember that either we won’t be here next year or we will be just trying to survive. This is an eye opener for those who are watching and paying attention.

    Please be in prayer for those who are unable to stockpile food due to their financial situation. I know the Lord will provide for those who are unable to provide for themselves.

    God bless and Maranatha

  4. Izzie says:

    John, or any of you, have you heard about the asteroid that is supposed to hit off the East coast in September? Is there any truth to that? Do any of you have any of you have contacts with HLS that could verify that? It is being said that is the reason for Jade Helm being held in the Western part of the country.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I heard people claim that it was going to hit near Puerto Rico, but there is no proof of this that I am aware of.

  5. Gary G says:

    Izzie, as far as I have been able to dig out, the asteroid story is all based on a dream that a man from Puerto Rico had. He’s stating the dream was from God. I don’t know this man, or his walk with God, in order to be able to tell you if I would put credence in it.

    But I can tell you this, I know John McTernan, and know a lot of people who know Jonathan Cahn personally. and then there is Franklin Graham, David Reagan, and the list just keeps going on…..and there is absolutley no doubt about whether or not these men are Godly, and that we should listen to the warnings that these servants of God have been sounding. God tells us that he will do nothing until He warns us through his servants. His servants are probably getting really hoarse right now from all the screaming they’ve been doing over the last couple of months to try and wake people up.

    I read one artilcle the other day, not sure of the author, but he stated that he believes God is giving the Americans the months of July and August as grace periods to get ready for the coming judgment. This fits in what John said that God is giving us a chance to repent, which is not happening….

    I think I speak for us all….I’m ready to go eat at the Marriage Supper. Please come quickly.

  6. Pat says:

    Here is a video about the asteroid hitting the North Atlantic Ocean:

    Article: Russia Warns Asteroid Impact in Atlantic Ocean.

  7. Scott Stewart says:

    Let’s face Obama is not stupid or naive, he is a trained radical and socialist along with an adherent to Black Theology of Rev Wright! He does what he is told to do by his handlers. He is a sell out! Everything he does is in alignment with the NWO agenda.

  8. Irene C says:

    I just saw this come over the internet. Might be the start of something and might not, but worth watching I think.

    Government air raids near Syrian capital kill more than 80

    BEIRUT (AP) — Syrian airstrikes on a Damascus suburb killed more than 80 people on Sunday in one of the deadliest such raids of the four-year civil war, as fighting escalated in and around President Bashar Assad’s seat of power at a time when his overstretched forces have been losing ground elsewhere in the country.