US Military Under Assault By Hard Left Reprobates

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  1. Dan.w says:

    Thank you for the article about the chaplain,and our date with destiny.America,and sadly many who claim to be christian,are really far from the one true God and His Son,Jesus.I see the hand of the Lord heavy on this nation because we have walked a way contrary to where we have walked previously.What once made us cringe is now everyday in our faces,and taught to our young.and held up as a high and lofty thing by the media,our government,institutions of supposed learning,and even many ‘churches’.I see God in this thing,and yes,like Germany of not long ago,we are repeating her ‘fatal mistakes’.Most Christians I know want nothing to do with prophecy from the Bible,and refuse to study and learn from history.I see it coming to a head.The left,the ‘right’.yes,you heard me correctly..the right and Christ are not alway’s interchangable.There are many social conservatives that would sell you for a buck or less because they follow ‘another jesus’.Nationalism was big in past failed nation/states.why be a fool and not think it can’t happen here/to us?We are NOT called to bring in the kingdom here and now,we have NOT replaced the Jew or Israel.and the Lord is NOT finished with His chosen people,the Jew’s.God bless each of you as you cling to the Lord and His sure promises,Dan.w

  2. Gods judgement will be upon the chaplians commander.

  3. Debbie H. says:

    Why is it, that it’s ALWAYS just ONE gay person or couple who is offended, and they seem to get laws made and changed???? This situation is horrendous. Come on Saints, lets start praying for this man and our Military…every branch…and watch and see how the Lord intervenes. Call or write your senators and congressmen!!! It’s way past due for us to finally take a stand. Enough is Enough!!! My son served at Goose Creek Naval Base for 4 years…’s a beautiful base and is full of Christians. Lets also pray that The Lord will give the Christian members of the Navy a backbone to stand up for this Chaplain. Get your prayer chains praying….call all your friends. My daughter is serving also, in the Army…I will notify her and ask her to start praying for this Chaplain, and have her Christian group pass it on to other platoons. May the Peace of Jesus sustain us all in these end times.