UT Austin Professor Under Fire for Defending Sex with Underage Boys

3 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    Homosexuality..is the first step..then,like falling down stairs..it go’s to the ‘pedo’ stage.Then..it will continue as Leviticus 18;22-23….animal’s are next.Unrepentant sin has no off switch…If it did..it would be death…then God’s hot and just judgment.We are,as a nation and a world..well past ripe for the Lord to intervene….Next subject. Bernie [the sandman]Sanders. He wants you and me or any Trump supporter to be ‘re-educated’ in a camp,or gulag….I say..YOU FIRST Bernie….you first comrade. I was already re-educated for 12 years…most of them were in the public school system.I had some really good teachers…but God,for the most part..was left out.Oh,God had a last name..I know..I heard it all the time..and…Jesus did too…for a while I thought they were not related because they had different last names…..now I know different.Just like junk science,[evolution]..we had ‘bad history’.God got ahold of me when I wasn’t looking…and set me straight.I was running away…and He said….’You are mine’. He made an offer I couldn’t refuse..only it was not a bribe.He ‘bankrupt Heaven to get me there.’He withheld nothing from me…right up to the death of His innocent Son.I look back in shame and horror at who I was…and total shock and awe that God still wanted me anyway.Unbelief is the only sin that will keep you out of Heaven.Unbelief to me also can mean trusting in the wrong thing.Religion and pride saves no one…but Jesus can.Trust fully in Him and His finished work on the Cross on your behalf.You will never,ever look back again and say you want your old life back.Why??.Because your old life was really death.Move forward.Trust Christ.

  2. Dom says:

    One of the great contradictions of the godless left is that they madly support LGBT rights, while at the same time they want the distinctive role of a woman president, Title IX rights for women, etc. I thought they wanted gender fluidity, ignoring God’s creation of male and female. These are truly the reprobate minds of Romans 1.

  3. dan.w says:

    Dom is correct in his statement’s on the ‘left’s’ contradiction’s.If held to the light of Scripture..any argument they make is just that..an argument.No reason is involved.Their decision making progress is based on…they hate light and would rather have darkness.They hate the true God,His Christ..and anyone who stand’s for real truth.They are on a search and destroy mission.We need to be on a mission too.Our mission is to be light in a dark place.Darkness hate’s light.Too bad about that……..Thank You Jesus for calling out a people for Your Namesake.We love You and realize our faith could cost us….but not as much as not believing…………………I will NEVER apologize to anyone for putting my trust in You.You are able and willing to save to the uttermost…anyone who turn’s from sin..and take’s You at face value..recognizing You are all we need to save us.