‘Utter Disregard for the Value and Dignity of Human Life’: Lawmakers Slam Human-Animal Chimeras Grown in Test Tubes

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  1. dan.w says:

    I’ve seen full term chimera infants on video and it’s enough to make you weep…and beg the Lord to judge sin where ever it is found.Just as Hell has no bottom,it’s depths go on forever,so it is with sin and reprobate man without God.We ARE under judgment,worldwide.No,it’s not the Great Tribulation yet…but there is no off switch on evil or it’s players.satan and his pinheads are going all out to do as much evil in as little time as possible.Reach someone today with Christ and His saving Gospel…It’s really late on God’s calendar.

  2. dan.w says:

    We are at the exact same place and point Sodom was..right before it’s judgment.As reprehensible sodomy was and is…I firmly believe the ‘All flesh had corrupted itself’ was the final straw,indicating DNA hacking by satan on ALL of God’s creation..man ,animals,plants,etc.satan is again trying to destroy original creation,[God’s recipe,if you will].,with killing ,maiming,or making man unregerate or unredeemable by destroying his true God given blueprint DNA that is unique to each of us.I hope all of us see the importance of what is now transpiring before us.