Video Surfaces of Christians Singing ‘Who Makes Nations Tremble?’ at Moment Earthquake Rocked Nepal

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  1. Mary E. says:

    I found this video to be powerful and I have to admit, I became pretty emotional when I watched it. My heart was touched by the simple and pure worship before the quake hits, followed by their cries to the Lord during the shaking. PTL that they escaped, unscathed, protected by Gods hand.

    As of this morning, there have been 3 quakes in the USA. A 3.9 outside of Los Angeles, a 3.2 in Mississippi and a 4.2 in Michigan. Interesting note on the Michigan quake…Yesterday, a 7th Day Adventist pastor was recorded on video, asking for donations for Nepal, when the 4.2 quake occurred. Posted on You Tube.

  2. Marcel says:

    John, thanks for that video and all the information you are getting out at this time. The godless left ond the followers of the false prophet are birds of the same feather, they serve the same father of lies and they both hate the truth and Israel with their father Satan’s passion. I learned that there was a perverse International pagan tatoo convention in Kathmandu at the time and read last week that there was a hindu religious festival.It is foolish to look to man(govt) for help as the article reveals.
    Job 12:24-25

  3. Marcel says:

    5 months ago in Nepal they killed 300,000 animals, (included were 6,000 water buffalo) for good luck.
    It did not work, it failed, the gods of hinduism are unlucky demons and I pray that the people who worship and serve idols wake up to this truth.

  4. Cori says:

    I had read that there was a mass animal slaughter to a Hindu god a few days before the quake. 🙁

  5. Thanks, John McTiernan for the updates