Wars And Rumors of Wars: Middle East, China and Russia: Update November 26, 2021

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  1. dan.w says:

    I would really be suprised,[my opinion]….if we see another Christmas.,and I mean that.The world is under strong delusion,[in my opinion]..and judgment is at the door in many ways.Can the rapture be any time now?I believe it is very imminent.

  2. dan.w says:

    Thanks for anyone who prayed for my brother in law.I believe he will die soon though,because ‘the protcols’ are more important than his life.The NIH is evil,..so we are watching democide,or…death by govenment.Hydroxychloriquine and ivermectin and vitamins could have saved his life…but the hacks,err,I mean death squads running the show have to follow their gods fauci and bill gates of hell.May the Lord save their reward for their efforts.I told my wife…NEVER let me go to the hospital…..Its a body count death factory…I don’t blame the good Drs. and good nurses for leaving.They don’t want innocent blood on their hands.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I’m documenting on this blog how many of the hospitals are now death camps. We are going ti have to fight for our lives because the NWO
      is now moving to exterminate use along with 8 billion people of this world. They are psychopathic mass murders and now we have to be planning to defend
      ourselves and families. This is like we are living in a sci-fi horror movie but it is real. satan’s realm is manifesting just before the Second Coming
      of Jesus Christ!!!

  3. roy says:

    Bro. McT:
    Your link for Gravitas: China is waging an offensive on Taiwan (Video) does not work.

  4. Gordon Bean says:

    Hello John ! It has been a long time since I last corresponded with you.

    Your diligent reporting on the ‘lateness’ of these times is most Appreciated !

    Please consider a brother-in-Christ whose name is Rick Pearson of Rick Pearson Ministries. For over 30 years he has without a doubt has found America in the Bible.

    America has a major role as the ‘7th’ providential nation out the final ‘8th’.

    As you have the time, PLEASE take a look at his work at http://www.prophecyusa.org I know you will like his impressive message both in his TV program and study guide which identify the once great U.S.A. as ‘Mystery Babylon the Great’ of Rev. Ch. 17.

    53 Biblical verses ‘pin-point’ the connecting dots which point to present day America as Mystery Babylon the Great.