Weak world response on Syria boosts chance of strong Israeli action on Iran

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  1. dan,w says:

    ‘Our’ resident muslim wants to ‘create’ a power vacuum in Syria,so the rebels,[his friends and brothers in arms]can step in.Predictable to us,but wasted on the lost.Can anyone say….brotherhood?? I knew ya could.

  2. Dale says:

    It is sure a mess in Syria and the Middle East and it seems to me like this mess could easily morph into Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 and/or Ezekiel 38-39 VERY quickly. Interesting that things seem to be coming to a head around the Feast of Trumpets.

    Considering the fact that those who claim any kind of Christianity (as well as those Moslems who are not the “right” kind of Moslems) are being slaughtered by those who the Obama Regime is supporting, I consider the actions and results if not the motives of Obama to be nothing less than diabolical. “Uncle Sam” is quickly morphing into “Great Satan”.

  3. Let us be reminded of the Trojan horse which the Greeks rolled up to the gates of Troy as a ruse to overthrow the city. A politically incorrect priest and his two sons tried to warn the Trojans that the horse was a trick of the Greeks. Because they spoke against the horse and refused to accept it as a gift from the Greeks, they were thrown to poisonous snakes and killed. Hidden within the horse, however, were Greek soldiers who had been biding their time to attack and who slipped out by night and destroyed the city.

    How many Trojan horses concealing “Greeks” are out there today in hiding, possibly in plain view, waiting for their chance to attack and destroy? Warning that deception would be rampant at the end-time, the Bible asserts that mankind would be “deceiving and … deceived” as evil men and seducers “wax worse and worse” (II Timothy 3:13). May the Holy Spirit give us spiritual discernment to recognize deception and deceivers and show us how to respond.

  4. Janet Hawkins says:

    Brother John the stock market crash of 2008 was exactley 7 years from the crash of 2001. Both times it was on Israel’s last day of Shemitah which is the last day of the year on the Jewish lunar calander. The book The Harbinger will give you exact dates both occurred at 4 oclock in the afternoon. There is also American history in this book I never knew about. The author Jonathan Cahn is a born again Rabbi and pastors a chuch ib N J.

  5. Janet Hawkins says:

    The next stock market crash should be on September 14, 2015, read the book of facts and do the math. Obe of the most informative books I have ever read. I also have your book and dvd.

  6. Jenny says:

    My family had a very interesting conversation today with a Lebanese Muslim. He immigrated to the US a decade ago but his parents and extended family are still in Beirut. We asked him how they were doing and he told us that this is the most concerned they have been since the Second World War. I asked if this was viewed as Sunni vs Shia and he said no. Pure middle east politics where leaders are easily purchased. They believe our intervention will not be limited and it will drag the entire region into a massive conflict. Interesting side note…he referred to Israel as Palestine. He reiterated that for his family to be alarmed is a big deal. They LIVE in constant turmoil. Nonetheless we told him we were praying for the entire situation.

  7. Denise says:

    I searched your website for any discussion of the 4 Blood Moons, but there wasn’t anything. I am interested in your thoughts on this, as they also appear on important Jewish days, and I believe one is to come in 2014 or 2015. I know there are “signs” we are to look for in prophecy, and I was wondering how this fits. Thank you.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I did not say anything and won’t until next year.
      The fact these events are on the biblical feasts is significant.
      At this point, I do not think they are the moons described in Joel.
      Joel 2:31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood,
      before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.
      I will explain why as the time draws near.

  8. B. Ross says:

    “Video Proof That Obama’s War In Syria Will Empower Demonic Muslim Cannibals”.

    This video is downright sickening, but as Glen Beck said, “These are the people that Obama is supporting”. Even Putin spoke out against this evil act.

    John, if you choose not to display the link to this video, trust me, I completely understand. If anyone has a weak stomach, please DO NOT watch this! I apologize in advance for any offense this may cause.

  9. dan,w says:

    There is a reason we may get dragged into the mideast situation…it’s called Bible prophecy.In order for things to be fulfilled to the letter,it go’s according to God’s plan.America has to be made irrelevant for things to move forward.In large part that has happened.We threw Jesus under the bus that the progressives are driving.If you are an atheist a witch,a muslim or a sexual deviant,you get a free pass.If however you take God at His Word and try to live it out,you are labeled extremist,homophobe,regressive,or retarded.The closet is empty,except for a few trembling timid believers crammed in a corner,with a lock soon to be put on the door.’Our’paperless leader will take care of everything.The ‘brotherhood is licking it’s chops in gleeful expectation of it’s soon anticipated opportunities.Lord Jesus..We who love you look forward to your return for us.It cannot be too soon for me.God Bless all who love Christ and His appearing.P.S. Please pray for the peace of Israel and her people.

  10. Janine says:

    It’s so wonderful that we get to celebrate Yahwehs feasts with Yeshua at the centre!! Praise Him!

  11. Janine says:

    Does Isaiah 17 prophesy the imminent destruction of Syria?

    The oracle concerning Damascus. “Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city and will become a fallen ruin. The cities of Aroer are forsaken; They will be for flocks to lie down in, and there will be no one to frighten them…. sovereignty [will disappear] from Damascus and the remnant of Aram —Isaiah 17:1-3

    “It appears to be an event that will occur at the end of the seven-year tribulation as the Lord not only judges and destroy Damascus, but all of Israel’s historic enemies that surround her. If one examines the broader context of Isaiah 17 and take account of the section where it is located, it becomes clear that it is a section in which the Lord prophesizes (sic) judgment upon all the Gentile nations that have opposed Israel. This will all happen at the end of the tribulation in conjunction with the second coming of Christ to the earth” DR TOMMY ICE

  12. inhisservice says:

    Bible codes… are they relevant? An interesting article none-the-less and something to think about.

    Absolutely Shocking Syria War Bible Code


    Keep looking up, the King is coming soon.. 🙂

  13. inhisservice says:

    The war drums continue…

    Are we continuing to see a buildup in the Middle East which will result in Psalm 83, Ezekial 38-39, Obadiah, etc., etc being fulfilled? Only time will tell…

    China Sends Warships & 1000 Marines to Syria, Accuses the U.S. of lying About Syria And Ignoring International Laws. Russia Sends another Amphibous Assault Ship. Turkey Sends More Troops to Syria Border.


    Keep in daily prayer and continue looking up, the King is coming soon… 🙂

  14. inhisservice says:

    Are your on-line communications secure from prying eyes? Not likely…

    NSA Code Cracking Puts Google, Yahoo Security Under Fire


    Keep in daily prayer and continue looking up, the King is coming soon… 🙂

  15. Janine says:

    FYI: Denise: Feast of Trumpets – Mark Biltz (Not a date setter)